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We're so excited that you want to switch to CET. Please note that this Extended Trial is for new users/companies only.

Here's what's included:

  •  120-day trial of CET and Commercial Interiors Library Extension
  • Free self-paced Beginner CET training, or opportunities for live Beginner CET Training based on your learning preference
    • If you complete the Beginner CET training during your trial period, 50% off Intermediate CET
  • Support and guidance from a Configura Training & Sales Ambassador
  • If you move forward with purchasing CET after your trial, you will receive:
    • 60-day trial of Spec
    • Free self-paced Spec training
    • Opportunities for upgrading hardware to meet CET requirements


Got questions?

Feel free to reach out to Michelle Melendez or Cindy Walsh.

cindy  michelle