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Configura is a globally operating company with headquarters in Linköping, Sweden and commercial operations in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Shenzhen, China. Configura creates Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC) software solutions for leading, international companies. The technology is perfectly suited for industries that deal in configurable, complex products requiring space planning. As Configura’s software solutions become the standard for space planning, the scalability of our development platform offers new opportunities for partnering. We invite you to learn more about Configura.


  • Commercial furniture: 67%
  • Industrial machinery: 13%
  • Kitchen & bath: 12%
  • Material handling: 7%
  • Laboratory & healthcare: 1%



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Company culture

Configura’s corporate climate is characterized by one word: empowerment. Empowerment means we feel a strong work enthusiasm and satisfaction, have a high level of responsibility and loyalty, experience few conflicts and see a high common productivity. To achieve these results, we live by our core values:

We founded Configura because we saw a need for a new product that had not yet been invented. This curiosity for new solutions still plays a prominent role at Configura. We continually seek new ideas and creativity in all of our employees. Our employees are inspired, engaged and work for new-thinking and lasting solutions that will increase business not only for Configura but also for our customers around the world.

At Configura, we are prestigeless, which means that we look to Configura’s overall vision before personal gain and are open to reevaluation. We foster good communication and collaboration across teams, and we all work with the entire company’s best interests in mind. Therefore, all of our employees have a strong will to help each other to find the best possible solutions. To achieve good team spirit, we work in small, flexible teams that can respond quickly to customers’ needs and changing market conditions, and where each individual is valued and encouraged to contribute with his or her specific ideas and abilities.

We’re driven by innovation, longevity and simplicity, and we have high ambitions for the future. As innovators in our field, we don’t just settle for being leaders; we also want to be the obvious choice for any company in need of configuration and space-planning solutions. We’re on our way to achieving this goal. And we’re having fun getting there.

Configura’s employees come from varied academic and professional backgrounds. This functional mix of competencies and personalities in each team delivers organizational results and contributes to each associate’s professional development. We pride ourselves on a low employee turnover, which has led to a high level of expertise and competence. We continue to invest in future development through education, training and company-sponsored physical fitness programs.

Each individual plays a valuable part in the development of Configura. Our leaders inspire and motivate, because their main responsibility is to empower all employees. Our leaders are role models who encourage every employee to take initiative and responsibility for individual projects.

Corporate social responsibilities

Education/Development Software plays an important role within our society and with its evolution, the demand for talented programmers grows. As a company, we are investing in the future generations by investing in computer education programs.

Environmental At Configura, we work to minimize the impact of our business on the environment. We give priority to using products and services with the least environmental impact, minimize the amount of waste we produce, and encourage electronic documentation, marketing and commerce.

Health/Sports Teamwork is one of our core values. Our company success is based on the good communication and collaboration across teams, as we work with the entire company's best interest in mind. Supporting local sports and health initiatives is a parallel to our company culture.

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