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Stefan Persson Chief Executive Officer Stefan has 25 years of experience developing global businesses. When he isn't collaborating with fellow Configurans, you can find him spending time with his family or channeling his "inner gamer.”
Stefan Persson Chief Executive Officer
Nicklas Dagersten VP Product With 20 years of experience at Configura within production and product development, Nicklas leads product strategy. When he's not helping our R&D teams innovate, you can find him squeezing in a run whenever he can.
Nicklas Dagersten VP Product
Charlotta Lilieblad VP People A Linköping native with nearly two decades of HR experience. In her spare time, Lotta practices yoga and recently became a certified Yin yoga instructor.
Charlotta Lilieblad VP People
Peter Brandinger VP Customer Success Peter joined Configura in 2001. He launched the U.S. subsidiary Configura, Inc. and has had many different roles in the company. Today his main focus is customer relationships. Outside of work, Peter is an avid water-skier and loves spending time with his two boys and wife Annika.
Peter Brandinger VP Customer Success
Fredrik Jansson VP Strategy Fredrik brings over 20 years of experience in the ERP industry with a focus on corporate development, M&A, and strategy. When Fredrik’s not analyzing data, you can find him enjoying a meal with friends and family, cooking, running, or skiing.
Fredrik Jansson VP Strategy
Marie Dahlén VP Finance Marie has been with Configura for 11 years and as VP of Finance, she’s all about the figures. When she’s not crunching numbers, you can find her rocking out every week as an aerobics instructor or spending time with family.
Marie Dahlén VP Finance


Tommy Johansson Chairman of the Board Tommy has broad experience with large global corporations, 25 years in the ERP industry and as a CEO in several successful startups. He is married and has three kids and four grandkids, and enjoys golf, boating, and skiing.
Tommy Johansson Chairman of the Board
Johan Lyreborn Founder and Board Member As chief evangelist, Johan's focus is educating our community on PGC and supporting our global sales team. He is energized by our growing community and seeing partners work together to give users the ultimate experience.
Johan Lyreborn Founder and Board Member
Göran Rydqvist Founder and Board Member Göran has more than 40 years of computer programming experience and developed the CM incremental programming language which is the foundation of CET. In his spare time, he enjoys disc golf, beagles and CNC.
Göran Rydqvist Founder and Board Member
Harald Høegh Board Member Harald is a board member and owner in businesses making software and technical products serving specialized industry niches. He loves doing all kinds of ski-related sports and watersports with his family and friends.
Harald Høegh Board Member
Thomas Säld Board Member Thomas has more than 25 years of experience building an organization, processes and product that scales to support growth in a global environment. Thomas enjoys spending time with his family, hiking the mountains and the intricacies of wine tasting.
Thomas Säld Board Member



Former Chairman and Co-Founder

As a co-founder and co-owner of Configura, Sune had many different roles, but the company’s development, culture, and growth were always at the center. In the early years, he served as CEO, securing financing and getting the first customers. As Configura grew and evolved, he became chairman of the board and led the board’s strategic work. Sune leaves behind a legacy, with more than tens of thousands of people around the world using Configura’s software.