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Essential Kitchen

Easy, Intuitive, Fast Kitchen Drawing Tool

Configura is the expert in bringing smart tools, intuitive design and exquisite visualization to all aspects of the sales and design process. Now with the Essential Kitchen Extension, available with CET Kitchen & Bath in the European market, you can drag and drop generic kitchen cabinets and design in front of the client using Configura’s smart symbols that snap to other elements to create photo-realistic drawings. This solution greatly accelerates the design process by allowing users to insert realistic objects in drawings while also creating the ability to export product counts and schematics for accurate pricing.  

Quickly draw a kitchen in real time

Developed for manufacturers, small kitchen specialists and designers, Do-It-Yourselfers and anyone who designs and sells kitchens, the Essential Kitchen Extension offers ease in designing spaces with specifications in mind: 

  • Make the kitchen come alive for the customer: easily show the form and functionality of how the kitchen will work with visual components and built-in generic bill of materials
  • Evoke the warm and cozy feelings around the heart of the home with photo-realistic 3D rendering capabilities
  • Create an accurate kitchen design fast while designing in real-time alongside the customer
  • Save on resources and go from inspiration to installation in one tool

The Essential Kitchen Extension is currently available in the EU market only and is free to download on Marketplace with the purchase of a monthly or yearly CET Kitchen & Bath license.  

CET Features:

one-2 ALL IN ONE

Ability to create bills of materials and schematics all in one program.

specify-1 SPECIFY

Accurate pricing, specifications and orders.

present PRESENT

Photo-realistic 3D renderings for decision-makers and designers to visualize space planning.


Enhances and simplifies real-time collaboration in one design drawing.


See how you can save time with employee training, creating bills of material and task automation with Essential Pallet Racking in CET Material Handling.


Juan Sanchez, Business Development Manager