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Our professional solutions are used by designers, salespeople, engineers, administrators, etc. in three different industries. All are using the same base, but we’ve split our solutions into three products to better meet the needs of the industries we serve. The need of the engineer of a conveyor system is far different than the pre-sales rep of an office space – but what they have in common is that they all benefit from using CET. By using the same software solution through the entire sales, design and order process, you eliminate the need to redraw which in turn lessens the rate of human errors and significantly speeds up the process. With automatic specification in the background, our customers see great ROI in cost savings as well as sales increase.

The best part is that we use the same data in our consumer tools as in our professional tools, meaning that you only need to keep data updated in one place. It also means you can create an omnichannel experience where drawings can be sent back and forth between the end consumer and the professional designer seamlessly.