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Configura Wed, Jan 11, '23 2 min read

The Future of Work Arrangements Depends on Intentionality and Inclusive Design

As we adapt to the future of work, companies must strive to be intentional to align with ...
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Configura Wed, Jan 4, '23 2 min read

Planning for Robotics in Warehouses and Distribution Centers

The future of warehouse management technology includes automation and robotics for ...
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Configura Wed, Dec 21, '22 3 min read

Learn from the Past to Create the Future: Space Planning and Design SaaS

The history of software as a service (SaaS) and its many benefits, especially to the ...
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Configura Tue, Dec 20, '22 3 min read

One Tool for Total Home Success: CET Kitchen & Bath by Configura

With one configuration software tool, your clients can work with designers to draw the ...
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Configura Mon, Dec 19, '22 2 min read

The Best Space Planning Software Should Be More Than Pretty Pictures

The use of algorithms and parameters to provide unlimited variations of a product without ...
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Configura Wed, Dec 7, '22 1 min read

6 Warehouse Benefits When Using Robotics and Automated Processes

To survive and thrive now and in the future, automation and robotics are vital in ...
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Configura Thu, Nov 17, '22 3 min read

An 'Out Of This World' CET Experience

A summary of CET Experience 2022.
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Configura Wed, Nov 9, '22 3 min read

5 Design Tips for Return to Workplace Success

Five commercial interior design trends that support employee wellbeing and drive positive ...
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Configura Mon, Oct 24, '22 3 min read

Manufacturers Propose Repurposing of Products for “Total Home” Success

Manufacturing trends including how and why traditional kitchen and bath products are ...
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Configura Wed, Oct 19, '22 3 min read

10 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends for Planning Spaces

10 of the latest kitchen and bath trends taking center stage for National Kitchen and ...
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