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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Configura Kuala Lumpur is currently looking for developer interns. If you have a passion for programming and would love to take on a challenge, you might be interested in joining us over the semester break. Experience in object-oriented programming such as Java, C# or C++ would give you a head start. Send your resume to career [at] configura [dot] com


Thesis work

Linköping, Sweden

Configura is regularly looking for students who want to do their thesis work. If you have experience in object-oriented programming and Java, C# or C++, you might be interested in making your thesis work at Configura. Knowledge in 3D programming gives you an extra advantage, but is not required.


Top 5 reasons to join our team.

Team spirit.

At Configura, we are team players. We all work for a common goal and we are proud to be able to say that all our employees have a strong will to help each other out. We work in small, flexible teams where each individual is valued for his/her specific abilities.


We pride ourselves in a low employee turnover which has led to a high level of expertise and competence within our field. All our employees come from various academic backgrounds and we all play a valuable part in the development of the company.


We founded Configura because we saw a need for a new product that had not yet been invented and we continue to seek new ideas and creativity in our employees. Our employees are inspired, engaged and work for new-thinking and lasting solutions.


We have high ambitions for the future. As innovators within our field, we don’t just settle with being leaders, we want to be the obvious choice. And we have fun getting there.


Our leaders inspire and motivate, but we also believe in empowerment where leaders leave room for co-workers to take their own initiatives. Empowerment is characterized by work enthusiasm and satisfaction, responsibility, loyalty, few conflicts and high common productivity.

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We are regularly looking for new co-workers, above all skilled programmers who have experience with object-orientated programming and Java, C# or C++ programming languages.

If you are interested in working at Configura, send your resume to career [at] configura [dot] com



Annual Report

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People at Configura

Configura has received attention for its investment in the work environment and in employee development. Read about how it is to work here.