Connecting through conversation

Results of our social media survey and update on the CET Designer User Portal*

Before the User Conference in Las Vegas earlier this fall, we surveyed CET Designer users about social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – we wanted to gage usage of these platforms and if CET users saw them as a way to connect with other users. We also wanted to learn if the functionality in these sites would be a good basis for our CET user portal, currently under development.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Social media/sharing is good
  • Facebook is the No. 1 preferred social media site. CET users tap Facebook to connect with friends and sometimes to build work-related relationships. A CET Designer Facebook Fan Page could be a good tool for users to share their work with each other and with non-users and build buzz about benefits of CET Designer.

    Status: We’ve got a CET Designer Facebook Fan Page in the works and soon will be inviting users to become CET fans!
  • LinkedIn is the most popular platform for work groups.

    Status: We’ll use a similar functionality so users can create their own work groups in the CET portal.

  • Real-time chat – the ability to easily connect with CET support staff – is extremely important. 

    Status: We’ve long-used real-time chat to answer your questions and learn your suggestions and will continue to do so. Connecting with you is our No. 1 priority. 

  • Blogs written by CET Support and possibly users get a thumbs-up.

    Status: We’ll continue to write blogs and we’d love for you to comment on what we write – plus, let us know if you’d like to be a guest blogger!

  • The CET portal for sharing also gets a thumbs-up. 

    Status: The CET portal is currently under development. The social media survey results are helping us to develop a portal that meets users’ needs in an environment that’s secure, familiar and easy to use. We’re tapping the best practices and functionality of the most popular social media sites in order to create a truly user-friendly portal. This portal will be the place for CET users to store and share their work with colleagues and clients … and to start groups and discussions, post questions and tips and hints, and do much more. We plan to launch this portal later in 2010 and will be “focus-grouping” some CET users before then to ensure the portal is truly designed with our users’ needs in mind. If you are interested in being a part of this focus group, please contact Jon Lindholm, jon [dot] lindholm [at] configura [dot] com


Jenny Wang from One Workplace was the winner of our Social Media Survey drawing at the CET Designer User Conference in Las Vegas. Congratulations, Jenny! Thank you to all users for taking the time to complete the survey!

 * The CET Designer User Portal is a working name for the place where you’ll be able to connect with other CET users.


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