Streamline your salesprocess.

Whether you manufacture office furniture, kitchens, pallet racks or other configurable products, we offer software solutions that will help you streamline your sales, design and order processes.

The competitive nature of today’s markets creates a need for a new modular product philosophy. The driving forces behind this is a need to achieve manageable cost structures in production, while meeting customers’ expectations and requirements. However, difficulties arise in selling these products because of the complexity in both configuration and pricing.

A crucial problem, faced by staff in the sales department, is how to manage this complexity.

Can thousands of components and its variants - resulting in millions of configurations - be correctly combined and calculated, and will the quotations be 100 percent accurate? Can your salesperson, designer or engineer easily create and try different solutions?

The answer is YES, if you use CET Designer for your sales configuration task. Our solutions simplify your system product configuration task and makes it error free, while reducing the sales process to only one activity – carried out by one person.

Empowering your salesforce

CET Designer provides every salesperson with the product knowledge required to handle product complexity, while simplifying and streamlining the sales and order process. The salesforce will no longer be forced to rely on a range of internal experts, which previously led to long lead times, misunderstandings between salespeople and designer/engineers and mistakes in calculations and orders.

Traditional sales process

With CET Designer, the salesperson is empowered to carry out all the stages in the sales process - from initial inquiry through creating the proposed solution to the final order and delivery. This is achieved in a fraction of the time previously required, while eliminating mistakes or unfeasible configurations, and offers the optimal solution to your customer.

The new sales process

Our business concept

Configura's unique PGC technology is ideal for managing products and processing complexity. We help leading international companies increase revenue and margins by re-engineering their complete sales process from system product configuration to order entry.

Our technology is used by market-leading companies in several industries and countries. What all our customers have in common are configurable products, a need for space planning and a strong willingness to improve. The implementation outcome is monumental; no more errors in orders, substantial improvements in lead times, increased customer experience and notably improved product management. Learn more about what we can do for your industry.

How it's done

Find out how your company can use our platform to create, control, market and use Extensions for CET Designer.

Our platform

The services we offer

We are here to help you every step of the way. We offer many services to ensure successful implementation of CET Designer into your organization.