Configura Software

One step. One solution.

Configura is our original software program and used by thousands of people around the world. It is a sales and configuration tool that reduces the steps in the sales and order process down to one, in which the drawing is the solution. Everything else is automatically generated: quotations, 3D images, order confirmation and parts and material lists. In many solutions, Configura has been integrated with the customer’s enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) to create a streamlined sales process.


Automatic and instant quotation and specification with real-time check of product configurations.


High resolution renderings and design visualization to present design to customers.


Can be connected to other systems for a seamless sales and order process.


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Render server
To get the render server, Download it, save the .msi file and then install it. The installation is quick and will start the render server automatically at the end.

Get a license
Contact your manufacturer to get a license to their Configura customization.

CET Designer

Are you a new manufacturer who wants to get started? With even more functionality, see how CET Designer, can help streamline your processes.

CET Desginer


InstantPlanner is a generic solution, similar to our Configura software, for smaller distributors, consultants and manufacturers in the Material Handling industry.