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Many of the companies we work with are more than our customers – they’re our partners. Together, we work to create a network of specialists and be a driving force in innovative software development.

Partnering with us is a business opportunity for both manufacturers and software consultancy service providers around the world. As a partner, you get access to a large network of industry professionals and can have your own developers work on our platform. The platform includes all the tools needed to create innovative software solutions for CET Designer.


Create Extensions for CET Designer by using our tools CET Developer and Catalogue Creator.


Attend some of our many training opportunities and gain access to support and developer documentation.


Participate in annual networking events like our Partner Meetings, Developer Conferences and User Conferences.

How it's done

As a partner, you get access to our platform with all tools needed to create, control, market and use Extensions for CET Designer.

Our platform

Hear it from our partners

We try not to boast too much. Instead, read some of our partner’s success stories about why they chose to partner with us to work on our platform.

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