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Configura 7.1

Here is a listing of the main new features in Configura 7.1.

Test done when launching Configura in advanced graphics mode

When you start Configura in advanced graphics mode (hardware accelerated mode), a test is made of your computer to ensure that it meets the system requirements for the advanced mode. You can receive three different results:

Yes - Your computer meets the requirements to be able to take advantage of (and manage) the advanced graphics mode.

Warning - You receive a Yes, but with some reservations. You can run the advanced graphics mode, but you may experience some loss in quality. An information page will be shown with an explanation and then Configura will start in advanced graphics mode.

No - You may not start Configura in advanced graphics mode because your computer does not meet the requirements. You might for example have the wrong operating system or graphics card.

Import standing images

You can import standing images that shows in 3D, for example a picture of a human being.

On the Import and Export tab you will find a new option: Image import as standing 3D image. Click the icon and then click the drawing area. Browse for desired image and click Ok.  





Improved 3D import

With the release of Configura 7.1, the ability to import 3D files has been improved:

  • You now have the possibility to import textures and material from 3D studio files (.3ds).
  • Configura now supports STL in ASCII. Before Configura only supported binary files.   

Possibility to import png files

Configura 7.1 offers the capability to import png files.   

Import transparent images

Configura supports the application of transparent textures on 3D objects. You can import a transparent image (of approved file format) and then apply the image on a 3D object. You can also apply transparent images to the drawing area by using the Import Drawings and Images feature.

Rotate a picture in the drawing area

You will now be able to rotate an image in the drawing area like any other component. Select the image by clicking it and then "drag" the image around by its snap point.  

Note, to be able to do this, you need to run Configura in advanced graphics mode. 



More settings in the 3D import settings dialog

There are more settings in the 3D Import Settings dialog. You will now be able to set the size of an imported 3D object.

To apply the advantages of the advanced graphics mode, some hardware requirements needs to be met. Find information about the system requirements on the Configura web site.

Support for AutoCad 2010

Configura now supports AutoCad 2010.

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