Configura Classic


Configura 6.0

Find below a listing of the main new features in Configura version 6.0. .

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to support [at] configura [dot] com


Configura 6.0 enables all Configura users to access the feature 'Sketch' without any extra costs. Thanks to a new agreement with our supplier, Lightwork Design, we no longer need to charge extra for this feature.

With 'Sketch' you can create renderings that, for example, looks like oil paintings, hand drawings or cartoon. 'Sketch' is found in the Camera Settings dialog.                     


Figure 1, Camera Setting 'Photo'    Figure 2, Camera Setting 'Sketch' ('Cartoon')


Configura 6.0 includes an improved Align/Distribute dialog in which you now, for example, can distribute components by their centers or by their edges.

Figure 3, the Align/Distribute dialog

Import of .sat files

With Configura 6.0 it is possible to import CAD drawings with the file format sat. This means Configura now supports three file formats for import of CAD drawings; dwg, dxf and sat.

Information about the 2D rewrite

Configura is currently working on a rewrite of the software's 2D engine. The purpose of the rewrite is to be able to handle large drawings. With Configura 6.0 the first part of the rewrite is complete and an improved handling of large imported dwg and dxf files is noticeable. The entire rewrite is planned to be completed to the release on March 31 2009.

In order to take advantage of the performance improvements in the next release a certain type of graphics card will be required. For example: ATI or Nvidia chipset. Open GL Support. 256 MB or more none-shared graphics memory. For working in Vista or with large drawings 512 or more none-shared graphics memory.

Release Notes for previous versions