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For the release of Configura version 5.9 we have been working on the possibility for your company to adapt Configura LiveUpdate and to run Configura in standard user mode.

For more information about costs, and what LiveUpdate and running Configura in standard user mode will mean to you, please contact your Project Manager at Configura.



With the release of Configura 5.9, it will be possible for you to get Configura LiveUpdate.

Configura LiveUpdate is a functionality that automatically checks for updates and notifies the user when there are new Configura files to download. It is included in the Configura product and no separate installation is therefore needed.

LiveUpdate can be configured to check for updates each time the user launches Configura, at timed intervals, or for instance before orders can be sent for manufacturing. This can all be implemented according to your requirements.

Configura LiveUpdate is a convenient way of securing that all users run the latest version. It can be used to distribute program updates and new pricelists, lock hardware certificates, hide products/toolboxes (component tabs) et cetera. It reduces the need for distributing new versions of Configura by CD.

Standard User Mode

For Configura to work properly in Windows, the user has always been required to have administrative rights. With the changes Microsoft made to the Windows security model in Vista, many find that this no longer is practical.

We have now investigated how Configura handles user-specific and customized information such as resource files and settings. The Configura Core now has support for running Configura in standard user mode in both Windows XP and Vista. With these changes it's now possible to offer solutions for customizations to enable users to run Configura in standard user mode.

The amount of work needed for this varies a lot depending on size and complexity of the customization.

Note, this information will not be sent to end users.

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