Configura Classic


Version 7.2

Here is a listing of the main new features in Configura® 7.2.

New modern user interface!

Configura has received a complete new appearance, including new icons, new colors and much more.

The appearance is affected by the Windows version you have installed. A newer Windows version will provide a more modern Configura experience. The figure below shows what the toolbar looks like with Windows 7 installed.

Import Google SketchUp™ models

Configura 7.2 supports the import of Google SketchUp™ models. This allows you to pick and choose from a huge library of objects of all sorts. Add these models to your drawing to get a more realistic impression. Below are three examples of Google SketchUp™ models.

On the Import and Export tab you find the Import 3D objects icon. Click and place the tool in the drawing area. Then click the Browse Google SketchUp™ Warehouse button to search for the desired models.  



Support for the license server

Configura's aim for the future is to replace all hardware certificates (hasp) with software licenses. With the release of Configura 7.2 it is possible to connect to Configura's license server, thereby allowing software certificates.

For more detailed information, please contact your Configura supplier.

New accessories

A variety of new standard components have been added to the tree view on the Accessories tab, for example a flat computer monitor and a keyboard.


Support for Windows 7

Configura is now compatible with Windows 7.

New help file

With the new user interface, we have taken the opportunity to refresh our user manual. You'll find it as usual in the Help menu.

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