It has never been so easy to get your products into CET Designer

It's never been so easy to get your products into CET Designer.

We're proud to introduce Catalogues.

Get started fast with Catalogues.

A Catalogue is a collection of a manufacturer’s products, stored in an online database that is managed by Configura and made available to thousands of CET Designer users around the world.

The simplicity of Catalogues has made it an easy, fast and affordable solution to implement products into CET Designer.

It has never been this easy to get started with CET Designer. Have your designers create full-scale drawings in only a couple of weeks.

How Catalogues work.

Get started in 4 simple steps.

  • You provide us with OFDAxml.
  • We import your data into CET Designer.
  • Your products are stored in an online database.
  • Users can access your products in CET Designer.

Users love CET Designer.

Because its easy-to-use interface, users can be up and running with minimal training - quickly creating stunning work.


Creating a Catalogue.

How to create a product in less than a minute

The Catalogue Creator, which is an Extension to CET Designer, makes it easy for manufacturers to create their own Catalogues. Your team doesn’t need programming knowledge to use the Catalogue Creator and create a Catalogue. If you have your data in either OFDAxml or SIF, you can get started fast.

Data Management

Configura is responsible for maintaining your data. This Includes backup, distribution, security and free upload/download for unlimited number of users from fast servers. We are using Amazon S3 for fast download and upload.

Repository Amazon S3
Multiple locations for faster download time
Free upload and download
Cost See prices below

This is CET Designer.

CET Designer is a complete solution that supports and simplifies the entire sales, design and order process. Created with our unique Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC) programming technique, CET Designer has revolutionized the Commercial Furniture, Kitchen and Bath, Material Handling and Industrial Machinery industries, making it a visual process instead of technical.

Today, thousands of users choose CET Designer as their number one design tool because it encourages creativity, eliminates errors and increases huge savings while generating dramatic increases in sales.

You can try it for free.

Who can use your products?

All products in a Catalogue will be available to all CET Designer users through the Catalogue Browser. The Catalogue Browser can be downloaded from Configura’s website and costs $600/year (free during 2016).

It is possible to make a Catalogue private, which means it is only available to users with permission to access it. You make a Catalogue private by embedding it within an Extension. Configura provides an easy system where you can manage who can access your Extension. It is also possible to embed a Catalogue for all users that have your Extension and still make it publicly available through the Catalogue Browser.

What are the responsibilities?

Configura - Configura is responsible to create the infrastructure and tools that are necessary for creating and use Catalogues. Configura stores all Catalogues in online databases. Configura can also create new Catalogues or maintain existing Catalogues for a yearly fee.

Manufacturer - The manufacturer is responsible for appointing a representative with good product and quality-control knowledge and an understanding of how products are specified and data is organized. He/she will handle communication with Configura and will be responsible for the Catalogue, including content, updates, performance, size and quality.


Services and Prices.



- Set up a new Catalogue and API key. Get API key here.


Data Management      
Includes backup, distribution, security and free upload/download for unlimited number of users from fast Amazon S3 servers.

up to 1GB

up to 10GB

additional 10GB over 10GB

Data management is always paid by the customer, for both embedded and public Catalogues. Prices for repository are based per manufacturer and not Catalogue unless noted otherwise.







Catalogue Creator – This Extension enables customers to enter data in order to create their own Catalogue and make it available for CET Designer users. The price includes a CET Designer license.

CET Developer – The CET Developer platform is a complete and comprehensive programming environment that can be used to produce CET Designer Extensions. The price includes a CET Designer license.

CET Developer + Catalogue Creator – The price includes a CET Designer license.




Catalogue Browser – This Extension that connects and enables end-users to access all public Catalogues. 

*free during 2017