Selling and designing industrial automated solutions for warehouses and manufacturing is complex. To succeed, suppliers and manufacturers of logistics solutions must have high competence in sales, facility layout and design, IT and project management.

Design of logistics and manufacturing solutions is usually a large investment with major impact on a plant’s future efficiency. Each project demands a thorough and detailed analysis in order to design the optimal solution. To complete a project, a large variety of skills from different departments is needed, which leads to many handover points where information is often redrawn or calculated manually.

The complexity and scope of these projects make the sales cycle in the Material Handling industry long and complicated – often reaching over several months or even years.

Streamline the sales process

With CET Designer, we streamline your sales process by letting you manage entire projects in one system, with multiple people working on the same drawing simultaneously. Complex calculations of large systems are automated to always assure accuracy and shorten the drawing time from months to weeks.

CET Designer contains all the necessary product knowledge and application smartness for your solutions. This means many steps can be automated and calculated by the software, allowing you to bring all users up to the same base level – regardless of previous experience.

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Entry level with CET Designer

Less experienced salespeople or engineers can take on substantially more advanced tasks and projects with the help of CET Designer. Meanwhile, the most experienced engineers can focus on the most advanced inquiries and projects.

Every time a project is redrawn, or handed over to a different department, the risk of human mistakes increases. With intelligent software like CET Designer, components are automatically tracked as they’re added to the drawing, producing instant quotations and bill of materials for each project. Once the layout is finalized, the order can be sent straight to production or through an ERP system.
Decrease the number of turns with customers by visually showing them what you’re selling. In CET Designer, everything is automatically displayed in both 2D and 3D, making it easier for your customers to understand what the final project will look like. Send them 360 renderings and fly-throughs, or provide them with the immersive experience of walking around inside the space using a Virtual Reality headset. CET Designer is an all-in-one solution with several presentation tools that don’t require export to other software solutions.
Deliver drawings and quotations faster than the customer’s expectations – in weeks instead of months. CET Designer makes it possible for multiple people to work on the same drawing simultaneously. Combined with an intuitive interface, automatic calculations and instant quotations, it all adds up to a faster process that results in better customer service and faster delivery of your projects.

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