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To succeed in the competitive Kitchen and Bath market, – with slim margins and downward price-pressure – manufacturers are lowering supply chain and manufacturing costs, as well as implementing new product platform concepts.

Our solution, CET Designer, will help you leverage new technology to change and streamline the entire sales process – from your consumers planning their own kitchen on the web, to contacting your store and order entry.

Key for our success in the Kitchen and Bath industry is the fact that our solution is much more than a drawing tool; it’s a configuration tool that actually “reconfigures” the work process.

Cost savings

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  • Sales channel: 70%
  • Manufacturing: 30%

Reduced sales costs by: <10%

Minutes to design an average kitchen


Product knowledge at the point of sales

The main task for a salesperson in the Kitchen and Bath industry is to sell well-designed and functional kitchens or bathrooms at an acceptable price. The time and effort to reach this point should be as short as possible, without obstacles and with a sufficient amount of service.

This requires detailed product knowledge, which is both costly and time-consuming – not to mention that it’s humanly impossible to know every product and part number by heart. The solution is to package this product knowledge into an intelligent product catalog – a smart configurator – and distribute it to every point of sales. This will have a leveraging impact on a company’s front-line and back-end operations.

Our technology can reduce sales costs by as much as 10 percent of total costs. These cost-savings are achieved by implementing an efficient sales process supported by our technology. Approximately 70 percent of the cost savings occur in the sales channels.

Drawing, quoting and visualizing an average-sized kitchen in CET Designer takes about 15 minutes – that’s four times faster than other design tools.

In CET Designer, all manufacturing information (order data, drawings, worktop adaptations, etc.) is built in and can then be sent directly to the manufacturer’s ERP/MRP-system or CNC machines, creating a seamless chain of information.

The costs of human error vary among industries and companies; however, a conservative estimate puts this amount in the range of two to four percent of a company’s annual sales. The actual cost of errors is usually much higher.

Errors in the sales and order process create a ripple effect of extra costs and inconveniences which affects everyone in the sales, ordering, manufacturing and installation cycle. Since we keep all this information in our system, we can automatically prevent errors in quotes and orders.

Typically, the customer will want to make design or layout changes to the initial proposal. The many automatic revision features in CET Designer make changes effortless and fast, which results in fewer iterations between the kitchen designer and the customer.

A commonly used figure in the Kitchen and Bath industry puts the cost of training a new salesperson at the equivalent of the new hire’s annual salary plus the time it takes to become proficient (between 12 and 16 months). Imagine significantly reducing that cost to a fraction and shortening the time it takes for the new hire to become an expert from years to months or even weeks.

The unique user interface of CET Designer makes it easy to design without prior product knowledge. Part numbers, sizes, calculations, etc are all built into the software and made available to every designer and salesperson. All data is also ready for distribution to new markets, new designers and new salespeople at any given time.

Creativity is not easily quantified, but a designer or salesperson’s ability to quickly and easily produce different proposals, while the system simultaneously ensures each proposal’s accuracy, will give the salesperson creative confidence in the pressure-filled sales environment.

Compatible consumer version

Trying out different ideas on their own is an important part of the customer's complete shopping experience when designing a new kitchen.

We offer an online consumer version of CET Designer that is based on the same core engine as the PRO version, allowing drawings to be easily exchanged between the customer and the store. This significantly speeds up the in-store purchase process and reduces the sales cost per kitchen. In addition to a faster process and cost savings, the customer can be more involved in the purchase decision, which allows for a sense of ownership and creates a stronger preference for your brand.

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