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Spacesaver was one of Configura’s first customers in the United States. The initial contract was signed in 2001; today, over 300 people around the world use Configura software to specify Spacesaver products.

Spacesaver was founded as a paper storage company in 1972. As electronic storage began to replace paper, the company evolved to manufacturing storage solutions for such diverse items as clothing, kegs of beer and even torpedoes.


This innovative steel manufacturing company based in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, USA, makes spaceplanning solutions – including shelving, storage and mobile carriages – for education, military, healthcare, general business and, most recently, industrial markets. Spacesaver sells its products through more than 50 distributors in North America, Europe and Australia.

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Spacesaver uses Configura’s original software, Configura. Over the years, the company has customized its Configura software to meet evolving needs.

The person at Spacesaver who today manages the Configura solution is Ron Chisholm. With a background in electrical engineering, product management and automation, Ron landed the role of sales configuration manager at Spacesaver four years ago.

My role is cross-functional. I handle everything that has to do with Configura, Ron said. I constantly need to have my ears and eyes open to what our business is doing and make sure our Configura software accommodates these different needs.

In his role, Ron is a part of the new product development branch of the company but also works a lot with the salespeople who use Configura as a sales tool.

Nobody knows exactly what this program can ultimately progress into, so it’s hard to put it into a category, Ron said. It’s a sales tool that lets you draw and price products, so you’d think the sales department should own it. However, we decided to put the development of Configura in our product development department and it seems to be working well. It makes it easy for us to see what new products need to be added before a release.

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