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In 2013, Midmark chose to partner with Configura for a CET Designer Extension. The project involved multiple departments at Midmark, as implementing CET Designer was part of a much bigger company-wide initiative.

The last two years have been busy for Midmark Corporation – a privately held manufacturer of medical, dental and animal health products headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, USA. Midmark supplies holistic solutions that improve exam room workflow and enhance patient-caregiver interactions around the world.


Midmark Corporation, a privately held company founded in 1915, strives to bring efficient patient care to millions of people each day in the human and animal healthcare industries around the world. A leading provider of medical, dental and veterinary equipment solutions, Midmark is focused on continuously improving exam room workflow and enhancing patient-caregiver interactions. Midmark’s more than 1,600 teammates worldwide are dedicated to redefining the future of the clinical space and making a positive difference in the practice of healthcare.

Founded in 1915

A large, multi-faceted team helped Midmark go through a tremendous upgrade of its internal systems. The team included Michael Couch, marketing and product manager for Midmark’s medical casework products; Lisa McNeilan, customer experience manager; and Joshua Felver, project manager.

Finding the right configurator

In 2012, Midmark had begun looking for a total solution that would enable the company to streamline internal processes and provide a seamless program for end-users. With the team of people representing the different divisions of the company that would be affected by the change, they started exploring the many options of configurators.

Midmark’s desire to put rules into place made them especially interested in Configura and the concept of Parametric Graphical Configuration. The ability to build in rules to handle many different configurations and conditions was exactly what the company was looking for.

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