CET Designer

CET Designer is an all-in-one software solution for space planning and configuration of products. Let CET Designer guide you through the entire sales process.

Developed with the user in mind, the visual interface of CET Designer gives users an immersive design experience, allowing them to transform ideas into reality. Meanwhile, rules-based parametric behavior and automatic specifications run in the background to assure accuracy.

See ideas become reality

The process from initial idea to visual concept has never been faster. Thanks to the highly visual interface, you get an immersive design experience that allows you to bring ideas to life within minutes.

Rendered laptop with 3D furniture standing on keyboard

Intuitive workflow

Click, snap and stretch to create stunning designs in 2D and 3D with symbols that look and behave like actual products. Create your own customized workspaces to hide and show functionality as you need it.

Illustration showing handles to easily work objects inside CET Designer

Rules-based objects

Minimal product knowledge is needed to create striking and accurate large-scale projects. Each object knows how it can be configured and doesn’t allow room for mistakes.

Share projects

Collaborate with others in the same drawing or create local libraries of favorites that can be shared and reused for quick design ideas or standard projects.

Two laptops showing the same drawing

Live design

Speed up your sales process by making changes and trying ideas together with customers. The visual interface makes it easy for everyone to understand design intents.

Man and woman looking at computer screen

Watch it all come together

Specify with confidence, knowing that CET Designer can assure everything is accurate.

A large amount of chairs standing in a grid

Automatic specifications

During the design process, CET Designer automatically tracks and specifies everything in the background. When your design is done, so is your specification and product list.

Illustration of table and chairs with article numbers

Instant pricing

Prices are automatically and instantly updated as products are added to the drawing space, giving the user an immediate idea of the costs of the project.

$ 1,337

Multi-manufacturer solution

Choose products from our extensive library of manufacturers. Extensions with manufacturer’s products and additional functionality can easily be added or removed.

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Animation of customer logotypes

Import and export

Work well with architects, contractors and other people outside your organization. CET Designer supports import and export with Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, pCon and Project Matrix.

Woman with arrows

Create presentations that wow

With many alternatives, it’s simple to produce impressive presentations.

Three different screens with renderings

Photo-realistic renderings

Create fast and photo-realistic renderings in the same program as you design and specify.

A photorelastic rendering of an office space

Fly-through videos

Give a sense of the space with fly-through videos.


Create 3D PDFs for your customers so they can rotate and zoom to see every angle of the design.

Adobe PDF logotype with a 3D rendered office space

Virtual Reality

Invite your customers to look at their future space in 360 renderings and videos or to walk inside them with Virtual Reality.

Woman wearing VR headset

Finalize with ease

Wrap up projects with the final step, swiftly executed through order and documentation features in CET Designer.

Illustration of blue arrow pointing upward

Automatic documentation

Generate automatic documentation and track changes throughout your project. Generate elevations and installation documentation with a click of a button.

Accurate orders

With automatic specifications, human errors are eliminated so you can feel confident that your order is accurate.

Illustration of blue checkmark

Customized templates

Create customized templates for your presentations, reports and installation documentation.

Two sheets of papers with text, images and blueprints

Send orders straight to production

CET Designer connects to several ERP and CRM systems. Orders can be sent straight to production to simplify the workflow.

Man and woman looking at a computer screen

Attend a webinar

Attend one of our many webinars, or request a custom webinar, to learn how you can get started with CET Designer.


Who uses CET Designer?

The CET Designer user base is rapidly growing all around the world. See all available Extensions and download a trial on our Marketplace.