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Commercial Interiors
  • Design and sell office, healthcare and educational spaces in 2D and 3D
  • Specify using over 175 manufacturers from our global database
  • Accurate calculations and specifications supported by built-in Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC)


Kitchen & Bath
  • Design and sell kitchen, bath and closet spaces in 2D and 3D 
  • Draw, specify and order with ease and in real time alongside your customers
  • Accurate calculations and specifications supported by built-in Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC)


  • Lay out warehouse and storage spaces in 2D and 3D
  • Draw, specify, sell and order warehousing solutions with ease
  • Accurate calculations and specifications supported by built-in Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC)


CET is an all-in-one software solution for space planning and configuration of products.


Use Spec as a stand-alone quoting tool or import from CET CI or other industry design tools.


CET is an all-in-one software solution for space planning and configuration of products.


Visualize layouts in less time using dynamic product symbols not attached to a specific brand.


CET is an all-in-one software solution for space planning and configuration of products.


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You can be sure of our full commitment - from initial analysis, to implementation and end-user support.


Browse through various documents to learn more about Configura and the software we provide.


Become an integral part of development or hire a partner from our supportive community.


Hear directly from our customers how we changed their business with our platform.
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We partner with innovative companies from all around the world to add value and growth to our platform. Together, we're constantly pushing the boundaries for what can be achieved through cutting-edge development.

Service and Development Partners are typically software developers with skilled employees, a local network and know-how about verticals on the local market. Our partners can help other companies and manufacturers with implementation on the CET platform.



Development Partners develop content and custom functionality for Configura products. Service Partners delivers services to our community aiding with know-how in the usage of Configura products. Development Partners listed on this page are going through training, certification and are supported by the Configura team and is an integral part of our Delivery organization.
coding-1DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSDevelopment Partners develop content and custom functionality for Configura products.
face_animatedSERVICE PARTNERSService Partners deliver services to our community, aiding with strategy, adoption and usage of Configura products.


Whether you just need help to get your data lined up to be published in one of our libraries or if you need some serious extension development work done. Our Development partners are here to help, read more below.
  • RSC


At PlatinumEdge, we love to solve complexity. As a company, we automate everything we can, write down our processes, and debate best practices to ensure we deliver the absolute best for our clients and users.

This passion transfers to our software solutions. Our Lead developers have experience with a variety of products and solutions and know our best practices. QA tests all changes against client requirements, and every line of code is reviewed for compliance with our rigid code standards and guidelines.

This results in solutions that represent the best our many years of experience can impart in terms of performance, standards, and user experience, all while also solving any specific problems you, as a manufacturer, face with specifying, ordering, or even installing your product.

We want the best for you as quickly and cost-effectively as possible without sacrificing performance, standards, or user experience.

A fully automated PGC extension written by PlatinumEdge is the best long-term value for any manufacturer with complex products. With over 10 Developers and 3 Quality Assurance experts, we are eager to dig into your specific problems.


Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of Commercial Interiors, including wall, panel, and benching systems, as well as acoustics, laboratories, and cabinetry. From handling extensions with limited products to those featuring a company's complete offering, we have the expertise to provide comprehensive solutions for a variety of needs. As we continue to pursue new challenges, we are particularly interested in exploring opportunities in Material Handling.


CET’s superpower is Ultimate PGC extensions, which we have chosen to specialize in. Our experts create bespoke architectural/demountable wall lines from the most basic to the most complex. Whether it’s complicated panel connections, intricate internal electrical routing, or sophisticated and multi-faceted new concepts, we can handle it.




Encodec’s mission in CET is to help manufacturers safely navigate this ecosystem.

With over eight years of experience developing and maintaining extensions for some of the largest furniture companies in the world, we take pride in each and every project we work/worked on.

We partner with our clients to find the perfect balance between innovation and standardization by leveraging our extensive know-how and expertise.


We work mainly in Commercial Interiors and are responsible for the Extensions from brands link Allsteel, HON, Gunlocke, Global, and HBF. We handle everything from creating graphics, through managing the Catalog data, all the way to coding for custom PGC extensions.


We are specialists in Ultimate PGC and creating meaningful experiences and products inside CET. We are innovative by nature, and we won Configura’s Innovation awards in 2022 and 2023 (it’s worth mentioning we took second place in 2021, the very first year we applied for the award). We also have a fantastic Revit team - in case you need any help with your product’s graphics/symbols.




A provider of Technology Solutions and Design Services to various industries like Commercial Furniture, Manufacturing, Financial and Logistics. Established in 2001, Riverstone is a company focused on the growth and well-being of its own team with a firm belief that such a company can take care of customers’ needs better than any other company.

Riverstone’s team has wide experience in both design services and in technology solutions. Our design team offers comprehensive services like CET Extensions, 3D Modeling, Furniture Specifications and Visualization for manufacturers and dealers. Similarly, our technology team has built a solid reputation in building ERP Solutions, AI/ML-based Automation, Data Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, Infrastructure and Cloud Services.

Our teams have assisted over 150 customers from North America, Europe and Asia with mission critical projects ranging from commercial office furniture layout to enterprise software. Riverstone’s experience and competence in both design and technology offers a unique blend that is unparalleled in the industry. As a trusted implementation partner of Configura, Riverstone continues to make substantial contributions to the suite of extensions and libraries available in CET Designer. Riverstone is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA with teams present in the U.S., India and the U.K.


In servicing the Commercial, Healthcare and Education furniture industries:

  • Comprehensive design services to the dealer networks of all major manufacturers in the above industries.
  • Electronic catalogs (CIL/CET Extensions), product design, model creation and visualization services to the manufacturers.

Technology Solutions services for Manufacturing, Finance, Furniture and Logistics. See for our customers’ testimonial.


Ability to provide solutions that require expertise in both design and technology. Especially when it comes to manufacturers and dealers of the furniture industry, we have the capability to meet most, if not all of the business requirements ranging from 3D model creation to ERP implementation.




Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, RSC has been providing services on an outsource basis to manufacturers and their dealer network in the US and Internationally since 2000. RSC’s talented team of Catalogue Creators and PGC Programmers work together to ensure your content is created in the highest quality while using the most efficient means possible.

Whether you’re in need of a catalogue to be available in CET’s CIL (Commercial Interiors Library) or your own dedicated Extension accessible on the Marketplace, RSC has the experience to make sure your project is delivered on time and on budget. RSC also has experience maintaining and adding product/functionality to existing Catalogues and Extensions developed by others.

Our in-house Project Managers, Catalogue Creators, and Programmers, all keep a strong focus of the dealer designer in mind when creating content. This ensures a positive user experience while showcasing your product in the best light possible. We understand both the financial and time commitment you are making towards this initiative. We don’t take that lightly as we rely on constant communication and strive to ensure you receive a significant ROI.


RSC develops content for manufactures of office furniture, ergonomic accessories, acoustical products, K-12 and higher educational furniture including library and dorm rooms, behavioral health products, and more. Contact us for a list of confidential references.


Our talented team of individuals have a wealth of knowledge creating catalogues for CIL and Extensions of all levels. We have the capabilities to blend catalogue features and PGC for the best customer experience in the most efficient way possible. We also have a team dedicated to creating CAD models in various formats.




Since 2004, Servex has provided exceptional services to contract furniture manufacturers and dealers. Our primary focus lies in collaborating with manufacturers specializing in office furniture and K-12 products. As a Configura Development Partner since 2016 we have developed and published more than 45 different levels of Ultimate Extensions on Configura’s Marketplace.


A notable project in our portfolio is Workspace 48, an Ultimate extension that challenged our capabilities by addressing complex solutions, including the seamless integration of an ERP system.

We also have a decade-long track record of creating comprehensive Commercial Interiors Libraries, or catalogs. Our dedicated project managers work closely with manufacturers to gain an in-depth understanding of their product lines and determine the most suitable solution within Configura's three-tiered implementation structure: Libraries, Enhanced, and Ultimate.


What sets us apart as a development partner is our unique ability to provide not only development services but also design and specification services. This dual role enables us to approach extension creation from a user's perspective, ensuring the highest level of usability and functionality.




We redefine possibilities in the world of manufacturing. We specialize in ensuring that manufacturers' CET Extensions seamlessly align with their unique sales journeys. Our expertise goes beyond conventional limits – from delivering comprehensive CET implementation projects to providing unwavering support in development, project management, and the strategic design of Extensions.

In the realm of manufacturing innovation, NorrLab stands out as a catalyst for transformative change. Our mission is clear: empower our clients to act with agility, eliminate manual obstacles, and secure triumph in every bidding opportunity. With a dedicated team committed to excellence, we usher in a new era where manufacturers can navigate challenges effortlessly and emerge victorious in the competitive landscape.

Collaborate with us at NorrLab, where innovation meets implementation. Experience a harmonious blend of cutting-edge solutions, unparalleled support, and a commitment to propelling manufacturing enterprises to unprecedented heights. Partner with us for a journey that transcends boundaries, propelling your business into a future where success knows no limits.


At NorrLab, our team collectively boasts over two decades of extensive experience in CET. We specialize in collaborating with manufacturers within the Material Handling and Commercial Furniture sectors, offering comprehensive support in planning, developing, and launching CET extensions. Our journey has been marked by successful collaborations with industry leaders such as Dematic, Gonvarri, EAB, RadioShuttle, BLS, Global Furniture Group, Waldner, and more.


Collaboration with a meticulous analysis, delving deep into understanding your current sales processes. Our proficiency in Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC) sets us apart as specialists, thriving on complex solutions. Deciphering your unique needs and orchestrating seamless implementations.



  • CSCD
  • UX & KARI


Michael E. Beall is the owner of CAD Trainer Guy, LLC in Shelbyville, KY, and has been presenting CAD seminars to A&D firms, the contract furniture industry, and corporate facility departments since 1982.

Over the last 40+ years, he has trained thousands of design professionals across 6 continents, 11 countries, 41 states, and Guam.

A popular and entertaining speaker, Michael has presented productivity sessions at the CET Experience since 2017, as well as AutoCAD Productivity seminars at Autodesk University, NeoCon, Metrocon, and other professional gatherings.

In addition to providing onsite or virtual CET training, he also provides customized training on all versions of AutoCAD, 2020 Cap, 2020 Worksheet, and 2020 Visual Impression.

His self-published book, The AutoCAD Workbench, Final Edition, is a compilation of over 350 AutoCAD tips and insights from his former blog, ‘Michael’s Corner’, and is available from his website.

Mr. Beall received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Cincinnati/DAA in 1978.



Cate Sword has provided architects, interior designers and furniture dealerships with quality software training and consulting advice since 1989. Applying both high proficiency in today's design and specification technologies, and a professional background in interior design, CSCD delivers a results-oriented training experience either on-site or online.

Cate focuses on reducing the learning curve and the time it takes to produce first-class results while showing clients how to achieve high returns on their software investments.



In the Pacific Northwest there is a phenomenon called a convergence zone. This is created when two separate storm systems collide. In this zone the weather becomes unstable. When making the transition to CET, turbulent situations can occur as different software collide. Konvergent Solutions helps to ease the transition by personally assisting furniture dealers and manufacturers with the correct tools necessary to help them work more effectively and efficiently. By giving designers the correct tools earlier in the process, this allows them to be more creative and gives them an advantage during and after transition.




Silent T Consulting assists commercial interiors dealerships with the adoption of technologies including CET and its Extensions. Silent T Consulting specializes in improving the efficiency of the design and sales processes to driving higher profits for the dealership.

The company has developed a process that enables each dealership to assess their current level of CET competency. Using this, Silent T Consulting then prepares a customized plan to achieve higher levels of integration.



Specification tools, electronic catalogs, and product configurators are just a few examples of the e-tools users want and manufacturers are investing in. Techbox Collective is a dedicated platform for discussion and education about commercial interiors e-tools. No matter your experience level with e-tools, the community provides a space to ask, learn, and share information. The open lobby is for shared conversations between manufacturers, developers, dealer designers, and subject matter experts. Dedicated channels provide groups the attention to coach through specific topics and provide actionable resources to assist through the journey. If Google cannot answer your question about commercial interiors e-tools, Techbox Collective can.



Every organization has limited resources. Small dealers may not have the training budget that larger ones do. Some manufacturers offer training, webinars, or other services to aid our industry, while many others don’t offer anything. Either way, contract designers need training, best practices, and a community of knowledgeable individuals to be successful.  The Design POP was created as a platform to serve, educate, and inspire the entire POPulation of contract furniture designers.



UX & Kari partners with your organization to create digital experiences that are intuitive, simple, and provide a WOW experience for the user. While working alongside the development team, UX & Kari provides you with the insight and knowledge to make informed decisions about your extension. The entire dealer journey is in mind throughout the process, ensuring your extension provides an optimal user experience from drawing to exporting a SIF. You don't have to know these details, UX & Kari does.

Kari has over 20 years of experience as a commercial interior dealer designer and a pioneer user of CET design software. As a continuous learner fanatic, she went back to school for User Experience Design. She assists you and the development team based on knowledge, research, and methodologies.