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Cecilia Vu Wed, Mar 15, '23 4 min read

4 Ways to Incorporate Smart Storage and Boost Your Mood

As you begin space planning for yourself or a client's bedroom or bathroom project, here ...
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Configura Tue, Dec 20, '22 3 min read

One Tool for Total Home Success: CET Kitchen & Bath by Configura

With one configuration software tool, your clients can work with designers to draw the ...
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Configura Mon, Dec 19, '22 2 min read

The Best Space Planning Software Should Be More Than Pretty Pictures

The use of algorithms and parameters to provide unlimited variations of a product without ...
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Configura Mon, Oct 24, '22 3 min read

Manufacturers Propose Repurposing of Products for “Total Home” Success

Manufacturing trends including how and why traditional kitchen and bath products are ...
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Configura Wed, Oct 19, '22 3 min read

10 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends for Planning Spaces

10 of the latest kitchen and bath trends taking center stage for National Kitchen and ...
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Configura Wed, Sep 7, '22 4 min read

A Well-Designed Kitchen will Make Your House a Home

With smart space planning and design software, you can see your future kitchen take shape ...
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Configura Wed, Aug 10, '22 3 min read

The Right Software Will Save You Time [And Reduce Costs]

Part 7 of our ROI series focusing on saving time and reducing costs using automation and ...
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Configura Wed, Jun 1, '22 4 min read

How to Successfully Repurpose the Same Data for Multiple Solutions

Part 6 of our ROI series focusing on Software as a Service (SaaS) and how to find success ...
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Johan Lyreborn Wed, Mar 9, '22 2 min read

On the Move - Episode 5 - How the Right Tools Enhance the Design Process

Johan Lyreborn discusses how to optimize the design process using software to reduce ...
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Johan Lyreborn Wed, Feb 2, '22 2 min read

On the Move - Episode 4 - The Evolution of Software and its Impact on Space Planning and Design

Configura’s founder, Johan Lyreborn discusses the evolution of software and the power of ...
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