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Configura Wed, Mar 1, '23 4 min read

Choosing the Best Tool for Your Next Interior Design Task

A commercial interior designer’s tools range from those found in the physical universe to ...
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Katelyn Herrygers Wed, Feb 22, '23 7 min read

User of the Month - Steffanie Murphy from Full Circle

Steffanie Murphy is an interior designer at Full Circle and Configura's February 2023 CET ...
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Kaylie Tucker Wed, Feb 15, '23 4 min read

A New Perspective: Investing in Invisible Real Estate

Configura Service Partner, Kaylie Tucker, owner of Konvergent Solutions, shares an ...
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Configura Wed, Feb 1, '23 2 min read

Inclusive Design in Action: Creating a Space Where People Feel Welcome

A people-centered approach to space planning and design will enhance community and ensure ...
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Katelyn Herrygers Wed, Jan 25, '23 5 min read

User of the Month - Trish Shirk from Atmosphere Commercial Interiors

Trish Shirk is a design lead at Atmosphere Commercial Interiors and Configura's January ...
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Alexandra Tseffos Wed, Jan 18, '23 6 min read

How to Retain New Information with Ease During Your Next Online training

Alexandra Tseffos, owner of Silent T Consulting + The Design POP, presents tips and ...
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Configura Wed, Jan 11, '23 2 min read

The Future of Work Arrangements Depends on Intentionality and Inclusive Design

As we adapt to the future of work, companies must strive to be intentional to align with ...
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Configura Wed, Nov 9, '22 3 min read

5 Design Tips for Return to Workplace Success

Five commercial interior design trends that support employee wellbeing and drive positive ...
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Configura Wed, Aug 24, '22 4 min read

Incorporate Flooring to Enhance Commercial Interior Design Plans

The importance of visualizing flooring as it relates to space planning and design ...
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Configura Wed, Aug 10, '22 3 min read

The Right Software Will Save You Time [And Reduce Costs]

Part 7 of our ROI series focusing on saving time and reducing costs using automation and ...
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