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CET Designer is transforming the way we do business.

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“CET Designer helps me to go down a creative path – and it helps me to get there faster,” says Tess Olofson, a project designer with Fluid Interiors in Minneapolis.

Fluid was one of the first to adopt CET Designer as its preferred design and specification tool. The Haworth dealer has integrated the solution into its entire sales and marketing process.

“It’s revolutionized the process: It helps our clients to visualize their space so they can make good decisions, and it helps us to communicate internally so we can complete the order quickly and accurately,” Tess said.

“No question, CET Designer has helped us – and our clients.”

Fluid Interiors recently used CET Designer to bid on an office project for a municipality in the Minneapolis area.

“The project’s funding hinged on the ability to accurately communicate what the new space would look like and cost,” Tess explained. “The A&D firm needed our help to communicate those details, right down to the furnishings and finishes, within a given square footage and budget.”

Tess used CET Designer to create highly visual 2D and 3D renderings as well as accurate specifications and pricing. She was able to mix and match Haworth product lines and really push the creative envelope in a short amount of time.

“The renderings were fantastic to take in front of the city commission so they could see the space. That, and the accurate specifications, really helped them to buy into the project and approve the funding for it,” Tess said.

CET Designer rendering by Tess Olofson

The project went to bid and ultimately was awarded to Fluid Interiors.

“The client appreciated that we provided so much upfront detail – CET Designer helped us to do that,” she said.

Tess and other designers at Fluid Interiors also use CET Designer to collaborate with clients.

“It helps us to get the dialogue going in the same direction – so non-designers are visualizing the same things we are. We remove a lot of ‘assumptions’ and shorten the decision-making process. Together, we can create a space, add panels, furniture, finishes, lighting and so on – and make changes – all on the fly. We can immediately see pricing, even as we make the changes. It speeds up the entire process because it clarifies the scope of work and expectations.”

Tess recently attended a design charrette hosted by a local A&D firm where she shared the power of the software. She said A&D firms are asking dealerships to get involved in the design and specification process much earlier than in the past. CET Designer helps dealerships to quickly plug into an A&D firm’s needs.

CET Designer rendering by Tess Olofson

“It becomes a real partnership in the development of a solution for the end client,” she said.

Tess recently used CET Designer to specify Haworth furnishings for a massive, two-floor space that would house more than 400 employees. She used CET Designer’s Movie Studio Extension in addition to the software’s photo-realistic rendering output to walk the client through the space she envisioned.

“CET Designer helped me to clarify the intent – and the client’s reaction was phenomenal,” she said.

 “It’s transforming the way we do business.”

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