Tara Hoffman

Integrates our design process with A&D firms.

Tara Hoffman
Office Environments, Inc., Bristol, PA

Interior Designer Tara Hoffman manages technology solutions for the design department at Office Environments, a Haworth dealership headquartered near Philadelphia. Using CET Designer for three years, she’s become a huge supporter of the solution and believes it’s the specification tool of the future.

“It’s a unique program because it allows you to work with real manufacturers’ products, real finishes, real features,” Tara said. “The customer response to it has been tremendous.” Employee-owned Office Environments, Inc. was founded in 1983 and serves corporate, healthcare, government and education clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and other states. Core services include office layouts, corporate standards programs and inventory management.

CET Designer helps Office Environments to deliver these services with greater efficiency and creativity. Recently, Tara used CET Designer to win a 100-station job: “We’d worked with the client before, but they were building a new headquarters and, of course, there was the potential for the project to go to bid. CET Designer allowed us to get involved in the project pre-bid because we were able to very easily produce and convey concepts of the space with beautiful 3D renderings and with fly-thru videos.” The concepts helped to reinforce the vendor-customer relationship. “CET Designer made our client even more comfortable working with us. We won the project before it even went to bid,” Tara said.

Tara Hoffman's CET Designer Rendering

As the project progressed from initial concepts to more in-depth drawings, Tara used CET Designer to directly involve the client in the design process.

“I can definitely say CET Designer saved us a lot of time because I was working alongside the client from almost the beginning. I’d be at their office with my laptop, loaded with CET Designer, and we’d create designs together. Instead of a lot of back-and-forth over email or phone or additional meetings, we literally made many decisions in five minutes,” Tara said.

The project recently completed with a successful installation – and a happy client.

In addition to working directly with clients, Office Environments also works with A&D firms, using CET Designer to help everyone “speak the same language.”

One of the A&D firms, with which Office Environments has a relationship, didn’t have an interior designer on staff at the time, and the OE team was able to use CET Designer to help the architect create highly conceptualized, completely furnished office space within his design. The OE team integrated the architect’s color palette into CET Designer. And the architect was able to pull the CET Designer-created drawings into his AutoCAD and BIM software.

Tara Hoffman's CET Designer Rendering

“CET Designer gets us into the game sooner,” Tara said. “It allows us to be that product-and-design support for architects, A&D-level designers, facility managers, business owners. The software handles the technical details – the connectors and parts, pieces and pricing – so we’re able to focus on outcomes.”

Tara Hoffman CET Designer

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