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Simply put, we’re a software company that simplifies the selling process for businesses with configurable products. What does this mean? It means that our software is an all-in-one space-planning tool that allows our clients to focus on the visual picture while the program handles the technical documentation. Our customers only need one program to handle 3D graphics, videos, calculations, configurations and all documentation in the sales and order process. Simultaneously, it eliminates all possible errors since all rules are built into the software. And the best of all - it’s a huge time and money saver!

Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC)

Our Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC) technology has revolutionized the sales and order process for companies across the globe. In a PGC software, product knowledge is built in to the software. We do more than develop software: We offer business development, innovative custom software design, training and on-going support. Our PGC-based solutions make it easy for manufacturers to empower their sales teams to do more and sell more.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Configure Price Quote is a commonly known term in the Configuration-industry. CPQ software helps companies configure complicated products and calculate the correct pricing, discounting and product rules for these products to create fast and accurate quotes.  

PGC is a CPQ software, but there are a few differences: 

With PGC, the interface of the program is driven by images. Instead of using a drop-down menu with article numbers, we use graphic representation of the products which eliminates the need of knowing product numbers by heart and opens up the possibility to work together with the client on the spot. This leads to shorter project times since decisions can be made immediately and in collaboration.

PGC uses drag and drop to create a natural workflow. This way, the user gets emerged into the design process instead of getting pulled out of the experience by technical specifications and terms. This tends to lead to more innovative solutions and more beautiful design, hence resulting in happier customers. 

PGC looks at the individual company to customize and automate the solution for their needs. Through a thorough analysis, we work on an individual level to automate many of the common tasks in the sales and order process for each company and to eliminate unnecessary steps and the number of clicks it takes to get you from point A to point B. This results in a more efficient sales process which in turns means more time for new business. 

Learn more about the differences in this blog post.

The CET platform

Configura Extension Technology (CET) is the foundation  of our technology. Together with other solutions from  Configura, it creates an integrated platform that gives  unmatched service to our customers and partners. The ultimate purpose of the CET platform is to support  the implementation and use of world-class business  solutions built around our proprietary software, CET  Designer.

CET platform White Paper

Download a White Paper about the CET platform and learn how your business can use it to create the future of space planning software.

Configura offers solutions for these industries:

Commercial Furniture

Selling office furniture requires a complete solution that saves time and money and eliminates errors. We can help you. 
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Kitchen and Bath

Selling kitchens and baths requires a new approach that simplifies and automates selling close to the end-customer. We can help you.
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Material Handling

Makers of conveyers, racking, shelving, workstations and lifts require software that yields time- and cost-savings. We can help you.  
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Industrial Machinery

Selling functionally complex and configurable industrial systems requires a robust solution. We can help you.  
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Industry Comparison (Specification Tools)

Feature 2020 KiSP (Sales) CET Designer Odcdesk Project Matrix ICE
AutoCAD x x Import/Export x x x
Revit   x Import/Export x    
SketchUp     x      
3D layout   x x      
Rendering Workable Photorealistic Photorealistic   Workable Photorealistic
Walk-Thru     x      
3D PDF     $50      
Movies     x      
Quote x x x x x x
Customer Interface     x      
Create Special Symbols     x      


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