We provide a range of services to maximize returns on your investment in CET Designer. As a customer to us, you can be sure of our full commitment - from initial analysis, to implementation and end user support.

Our project methodology ensures a cost-effective CET Designer solution is delivered on time. Our developers and trainers are always ready to assist throughout the implementation process and we offer courses and support for both developers and end-users. As the final touch, our online community, MyConfigura, gives you access to the latest information and opens up a forum where you can communicate and exchange ideas with others who are a part of the Configura community.

Each project is different, but all projects starts with a need and consequence analysis. In this analysis, we not only focus on the sales and order process, but also on other processes that may impact the efficiency of the sales and order process - for example, marketing, product development and manufacturing.

Together with the customer, we identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies and problems. The purpose of this analysis, is to find new visions and ideas for how to best implement and incorporate CET Designer into your organization. The success of an implementation project is greatly determined by this initial analysis.

We offer an open platform for anyone who wants to implement their products and create Extensions for CET Designer. The platform includes all the tools and functionality needed to successfully drive a project from start to finish.

You have several options for how to use the platform.

Hire Configura

Fully or partly use Configura’s developers to implement a tailored solution for your needs.

Become a partner

Become an application partner to have your own developers work on our platform.

Hire a partner

Connect with one of our implementation partners for extra resources.

We work with Agile Development which places a great emphasis on individuals, their minds, health and ideas. We’ve had success with Scrum, Kanban and ScrumBan in the past. Learn more about how we work in medium and large scale projects.

Testing is an integral part of software development, just as important as the actual development. Traditional software development dictates that testing only needs to be done after the development phase is completed. However, we believe this can lead to many large-scale problems that can be costly to fix at the end of a project. Instead, we encourage testing in conjunction with the developer effort.

Our QA team can help you with the following testing services:

  • Feature or ticket level testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Beta testing
  • Custom testing
  • Regression testing
  • Auto testing
  • Release candidate testing

Whether you use our developers or handle all development in-house, our Quality Assurance team offers a wide range of testing services. Contact us to learn more.

We know that good training and support is an important part in getting your team up to speed. According to our users, Configura has some of the best support and training there is. This is something we’re very proud of and we continually work to keep this high standard.

Training services

Through our Academy, Configura offers many training opportunities about CET Designer and our development tools.

CET Designer
We offer Beginner, Advanced and Customized training sessions, both in-person and virtual, for designers and salespeople who want to use CET Designer.

We regularly offer in-person training sessions in how to create Extensions with our programming environment CET Developer and database-driven solution Catalogue Creator.

Trainers and professors
Upon request, we offer training sessions for professionals who want to teach CET Designer or specific Extensions.

We can help train your QA team in how to efficiently test CET Designer Extensions during development and before release. Contact us for more information.

Read more about our different classes on our Academy page.

Support services

CET Designer
We offer CET Designer support through chat, phone and email 24 hours a day, five days a week. Our support representatives have previous experience in either interior design or IT, which means we can give excellent support for both industry specific problems and technical issues. All CET Designer users also have access to our extensive online help and video tutorials on our support page.

We offer CET Developer and Catalogue Creator support through email with the option to add chat and phone support. All developers also have access to our wiki and developer forum.

Superior Extension Support
If you don’t want to have your own support team, we offer the service to have our staff trained on a specific Extension and provide support for that Extension. Contact us to learn more.

For more information visit our Support page.

Join the Configura family

CET Designer

Learn about the many features in CET Designer - from creative design and automatic specification to innovative presentations and sending the final order.

CET Designer

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Join our partner program to create innovative solutions on our platform and become a part of our growing, world-wide network.

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