Our Platform

Elevate your business.

Create innovative and impressive Extensions to make your products available in CET Designer. Our platform is a collection of all the tools needed to create, control, market and use Extensions.

Built on our own Configura Extension Technology, Extensions are collections of manufacturers’ products that work as add-ons to the CET Designer core software. Because an Extension is created through programming, it can also have additional functionality such as a connection to an ERP system, global schemes, the ability to create walkthrough videos, customized quoting etc.

Create content

The first step to using our platform is content creation. Content can be anything from furniture and products to functionality and connections with other systems. This information is put into an Extension that will be connected to our core software CET Designer.

Start developing

We offer two development tools, CET Developer and Catalogue Creator. These tools are ideally used together. Algorithms and database-driven technology are combined to create an effective digital environment for development, maintenance and distribution of Extensions.

CET Developer

CET Developer is our programming environment that allows you to use algorithms to create intelligent solutions.

Catalogue Creator

Catalogue Creator is our data-base driven tool that is mainly used for solitary products and product data.

Before you get started with development, it’s imperative that you analyze your current situation and what you’re looking to get out of your Extension. It’s also important to think about how your products work and how this can be represented in software.

We’re happy to help with both a pre-study and creation of your content. You can also become a partner to create your own Extension using our development tools.

Contact us for more information.

Complete control

Our platform gives the owner complete control over their own brand, products and content in one convenient place. To use any of our services, you need a unique MyConfigura account.

Extension management

CET Designer Extension owners are called Supervisors and have access to a number of tools for the development and distribution of Extensions in MyConfigura.

Publish your work

Publish Extensions, get statistics and update billing information, release notes and other information displayed on Marketplace.

Control access

Control who can access your Extension and distribute content depending on location, distributor or other parameters.

Earn royalty

Earn 85% royalty on each Extension sold. You set the price and Configura handles the invoicing.

License administration and communication

Manage existing and new licenses, pull reports and see all paid and pending invoices on MyConfigura. The license administration tools simplifies administration of multiple licenses - both on a manufacturing level and a dealership level.

MyConfigura also includes a communication channel called Briefcases, which serves as a convenient solution for distributing information. Anyone with a MyConfigura account can create their own Briefcases and invite colleagues to join.

Developer Center

MyConfigura hosts our Developer Center where developers can publish Extensions, create beta versions and release updates. Developers and Supervisors can also access developer documentation, handle billing information, user permissions, release notes and Marketplace information for their Extensions – from anywhere in the world.

Market Extensions

Configura’s Marketplace service makes promoting your Extensions easy. Extensions are made publicly available when published on Marketplace and categorized based on their content.

All Extensions have their own page where the Supervisor can post their logo, a description of the content and release notes.

Cross promotion

If you’re interested in cross promotion around the release of your Extension, please contact our marketing team.

Reap the benefits

Once you’ve created and marketed your Extension, it’s time for your salespeople and designers to get started.

CET Designer is the core software that powers your Extension. The technology allows the user to pick and choose what Extensions should be added - enabling each user to create a customized CET Designer setup that can include multiple manufacturers’ products. This may also includes manufacturers from different industries.

Adopting CET Designer into your organization

  • To make the transition as smooth as possible, we’ve created a guide for adopting CET Designer into your organization.
  • The CET Designer core includes a lot of benefits that are immediately available to all users. Learn more about the features in CET Designer.
  • To get a smooth start, we offer many types of training, both generic and customized to give you an easy start. Head on over to our Academy.

The services we offer

We are here to help you every step of the way. We offer many services to ensure successful implementation of CET Designer into your organization.


Hear it from our partners

We try not to boast too much. Instead, read some of our partner’s success stories about why they chose to partner with us to work on our platform.

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