The highly competitive Commercial Furniture industry has gone through major changes in recent years. From producing cubicles and workstations, the industry has evolved into one where creating state-of-the-art design solutions that foster creativity, wellness and collaboration is equally important to finding the most efficient use of a space.

To fulfill the demands of more creative and original spaces for individual needs, companies in the the Commercial Furniture industry rely on technology to aid salespeople and designers in understanding complicated products while giving the best possible service.

Through our years of experience, we’ve seen that introducing the right technology to your organization will have major impact on operations and profits. Our solution, CET Designer, is an all-in-one software solution that is much more than a drawing tool; it’s a configuration tool that actually “reconfigures” the work process.

Profit margin with CET Designer

Graph showing increase in profit with CET Designer
  • Before CET Designer
  • After CET Designer
Graph showing increase in profit margin with CET Designer
  • Profit margin
  • Other costs
  • Costs of goods sold
These numbers are reported by dealerships using CET Designer and only shows benefits related to lowering costs. Additional growth will allow for even more return.

Simplify design and sales

CET Designer aids your salespeople and designers in the Commercial Furniture industry to create innovative solutions that are tailored to each customer. As the design is visually created in 2D and 3D in CET Designer, all parts and pieces are automatically tracked in the background, producing instant quotations and bills of materials that are ready to be sent straight to production or an ERP system.

Do more and sell more with fewer resources. During the design phase, CET Designer automatically specifies all products in the background which saves time and eliminates the need for detailed product knowledge and order processing. By connecting CET Designer to your other systems, you can create a streamlined process where orders can be sent straight to an ERP system.
CET Designer can help you both increase revenue and lower costs. By streamlining your processes, and using only one software program through the entire sales process, less time is spent on each project, but with better results. Your salespeople and designers will have time to take on more business and reach new markets with less resources.
Your designers and salespeople will provide better customer service by designing in front of, or together with, the customer. The customer feels more involved and quick changes can be made immediately, decreasing the number of turns a project is usually sent back and forth.
Work with intelligent product libraries where each symbol knows how the product can be configured by itself and together with others. CET Designer prevents product and specification mistakes and lets new designers learn about the products while working on real projects. With this smartness built into the software, new designers can work on real projects with minimal training.
In a competitive industry, the way you present your products is as important as the actual products. CET Designer offers many different options to present your solutions. Send your customers 360 panorama renderings and fly-through videos, or provide them with the immersive experience of walking around inside the space using a Virtual Reality headset.

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