Customer Benefits

Our customers require solutions that simplify complex selling processes. Configura's PGC-based software delivers those solutions. Users can create drawings, calculate prices, generate bills of material and render photo-realistic 3D images – all in one step, with one affordable tool. With successful implementation of a Configura solution, profit margins can increase by as much as five percent.

Our PGC-based solutions help our customers to reduce their costs by:

• Making it faster and easier to propose on a project – from weeks to days to hours
• Allowing real-time feasibility check of specified products – eliminating the need for order processing
• Reducing specification and order-entry errors to practically zero
• Increasing sales team retention with easy-to-learn software that quickly gets users up-to-speed on a gamut of products

Our PGC-based solutions helps our customers to increase their revenues by:

• Improving efficiencies and cutting lead times, enabling design and sales staff to propose more, and sell more
• Improving customer service through faster response, quality proposals and accurate ordering
• Ensuring worldwide access to current product information
• Delivering products to market faster  

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