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Inscape's new F.I.R.E system plays an important role in differentiating their offering.

Celebrating more than 128 years in business, Inscape is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of systems, storage, seating, wall, ergonomic and technology solutions. Inscape recently partnered with home furnishings retailer West Elm to create a new collection that pushes the boundaries of creating new designs for the contract furniture industry with a more residential feel.


Inscape, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of office furniture, has been initiating change in workspace design for over 125 years. Inscape collaborates with leading European partners and manufactures their designs in North American facilities. Their systems, storage, seating, wall, ergonomic and technology solutions delight users, foster agility and empower technology in the workplace. Flexible and designed for sustainability, Inscape products enable easy customization and readily adapt to keep pace with changing needs in the workplace.

Years of business 128

Phillip Damianidis is the director of information technology at Inscape. Among his many responsibilities is leading the development of Inscape’s new F.I.R.E. system – an innovation that connects three of the leading software solutions in the commercial furniture industry. Together with Chad Phillips, the project manager for the F.I.R.E. project, they’ve helped the company go beyond what anyone else in the industry has previously accomplished, delivering a complete solution for sales and design teams.

I think what makes us unique is the kind of products we sell – especially now with our cooperation with West Elm – and also that we’re a very agile company, Phillip said. When we launched West Elm Workspaces with Inscape, we not only wanted to change our furniture but also the customer experience in working with our dealers. That’s why we made a strategic decision not to enter the new West Elm products in any of the traditional CAD or product symbols catalogs but instead make them only available in F.I.R.E.

Inscape developed F.I.R.E. because the company wanted to provide a graphical and interactive experience for its dealerships. According to Phillip, traditional software has a steep learning curve and long response times due to complexity. Inscape wanted to provide the opposite – something that would be so easy to learn that its designers and salespeople could be up and running within a day or two of training. They also wanted them to feel completely confident of the accuracy when specifying.

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