CET Developer

Our development environment CET Developer has been created to drive innovation, increase accessibility and simplify development of Extensions for CET Designer.

Ideally used together with our database-driven solution Catalogue Creator, CET Developer allows for more sophisticated solutions, including connections to other programs such as an ERP System.

CM programming language

Get access to our programming language CM, which was developed specifically to simplify implementation of parametric, graphical and configurable objects.

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Integrated development environment

With CET Developer, you can integrate communication with an integrated development environment. We primarily work with Emacs for fast and efficient coding.

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Incremental recompilation

We support incremental recompilation of source files without restarting the running application. You also get fully accessible compiler runtime information.

Abstract libraries

Get access to extensive code libraries with customized base components for categories such as office desks, panel systems, kitchen cabinets, shelving systems, etc.

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Import of external libraries

Enjoy support for importing and using C/C++ assemblies, and easy syntax for calling .NET assemblies and COM directly without the need of creating a wrapper assembly.


We offer several tools for developers.

UI toolkit

Access CET Developer’s fully featured and extendable user interface toolkit.

Advanced core

Get access to advanced core, providing several general connectivity behaviors, stretch functionality, general component manipulation and extendable calculation system.


Work with 2D and 3D Geometric modeling. Import and process your model data with our Model Lab and Batch Converter.


CET Developer also include accessories to manage your Extension and development.

Management system

Build and deploy Extensions and control access to data through our Developer Center on MyConfigura.

License handling

Enjoy built in license handling for end users so you can have full control over who can access the content.


Get integrated support for FTP, HTTP and e-mail communication.

Integration with Catalogue Creator

Combine CET Developer with our database-driven solution Catalogue Creator. To enter data and get a head start on your development. You can then add smartness to the products with CET Developer.

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What's included:

  • IDE with code editor based on Emacs.
  • Integrated source control based on Perforce
  • CM language compiler and code libraries
  • CET Designer license
  • Integrated tools for code analysis, automatic testing, building & publishing, error report handling etc.
  • Access to the Developer Center with our cloud-based Wiki and Forum
  • Basic CET Developer support with possibility to add premium support

Get CET Developer

Start developing innovative solutions by creating your own Extensions. Buy and download CET Developer from our Marketplace.

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Integrate with Catalogue Creator

Use our database-driven solution Catalogue Creator together with CET Developer to speed up implementation and enter data into CET Designer.

Catalogue Creator