Implementation partner

We welcome IT companies to grow their business by offering development services on our platform.

Implementation partners are typically software developers with skilled employees, a local network and know-how about verticals on the local market. As an implementation partner, you help other companies, manufacturers and future application partners with implementation on our platform. Take a look at what our current partners are offering. We offer many opportunities for our implementation partners:

Offer consultancy

Offer consultancy services to help other companies create cutting-edge solutions on our platform.

Grow your network

Increase your customer base by providing services on a platform that supports several different industries.

Our Partners

Join our growing network of companies that have already decided to partner with Configura.

Benefits as an implementation partner

Earn money on a long-term strategy
Implementing and mantaining content for customers is potentially a long-term commitment. Configura still helps customers after 27 years of service. This means business stability and excellent growth potential.

Grow your business
Implementation Partners bring in their own business which means you choose how much work to take on and who to work with. You have the freedom to grow your business your way.

Offer more services
By learning development on our platform, you can offer a wider range of consultancy services to your current and future customers.

Join a growing network
Our platform is steadily growing, both in number of developers and CET Designer users. As a partner, you get the opportunity to partake in networking events, influence future development and exchange ideas with industry leaders.

Use your area of expertise
CET Designer can be used in many different industries, which means you can continue to build on your area of expertise or use it to reach new markets.

Join our network

Application partner

Do you want to get your products into CET Designer and have full control over development and distribution? Become an Application Partner.

Application partner

Hear it from our partners

We try not to boast too much. Instead, read some of our partner’s success stories about why they chose to partner with us to work on our platform.

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