Application partner

Become an application partner and have full control over development of your own Extensions for CET Designer.

We have many years of experience helping our customers implementing their products and functionality into Extensions for CET Designer. With our platform, it’s now possible for companies to do this development themselves.

As an Application Partner, you own your Extension and have full control over development and distribution of its content. You can choose to utilize your internal IT department for development, use one of our Implementation Partners or use our experts at Configura.

Implement products

Create Extensions to bring the products you manufacture and sell into CET Designer.

Implement functionality

Develop Extensions with links to ERP/MRP systems, CRM and other functionality.

Benefits as an application partner

Be in control of development
Maintain full control over development deadlines, features, allocation and prioritization. In-house development means quick answers to questions, often making development more efficient.

Lower costs for sustained development
Training costs for a new developer get offset quickly with lower consultancy costs and training of your products.

Earn royalty
Add a subscription fee to your Extension to earn money. Configura handles all invoicing and payments worldwide and then pay 85 percent in royalty to the Extension Owner.

Contained product knowledge
Have easy access to experienced staff that has worked with your products for years. You’ll never have to share sensitive information that you want to keep in-house. Developers that are already familiar with your other systems make developing a tight integration more straightforward.

Join a growing network
Get access to a large network of partners and CET Designer users. Biannual Partner Meetings and Developer Conferences are held in the United States and Malaysia. Configura also hosts a User Conference in the United States.

Join our network

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Implementation partner

Do you want to help other companies develop and implement innovative solutions on our platform? Become an Implementation Partner.

Implementation Partner

Hear it from our partners

We try not to boast too much. Instead, read some of our partner’s success stories about why they chose to partner with us to work on our platform.

Case studies