Configura Partner Program

The Configura Partner Program is for individuals and organizations interested in developing and selling solutions based on the Configura Extension Technology (CET). The Configura Partner Program includes the possibility for Partners to receive a monthly income from usage of their CET Designer Extensions.

Why become a Configura Partner?

The number of CET Designer® users grows every day - that's because leading organizations across the globe have turned to CET Designer to make their sales and order process more efficient. Configura offers a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations - no matter where they are located - to be a part of this growth. A couple of good reasons to become a Configura  Partner:
  • You already have a network of potential clients or you see selling CET Designer as a good fit for your company.
  • You excel in programming and want to develop software solutions.
  • You want to publish your own Extensions.
  • You want to have the possibility to receive a monthly income from your CET Designer Extensions.
  • You want to be a part of the Configura Network.

How does a Configura Partner earn income?

  • Consultancy fees from project management, design, prototyping, programming and delivery of CET Designer based solutions.
  • Additional consultancy fees from work such as training, quality assurance and management consulting.
  • Monthly royalty fee from usage of your CET Designer Extensions. This how it works. You can choose to charge a subscription fee for your own developed CET Designer Extensions. Configura will manage security, invoicing and payments of the subscription fees. Each month Configura will pay you the royalty fee collected for your Extension.

What can a Configura Partner do?

  • Grow an independent business using the Configura Extension Technology as a platform.
  • Develop and publish CET Designer Extensions and receive a monthly royalty fee from Configura.
  • Build a client base and help them to implement CET Designer in their own business.
  • Network with Configura, Partners, Clients and End-Users. Configura hosts regular conferences, summits and meetings for users, partners, developers and manufacturers.

Who should consider becoming a Configura Partner?

Individuals – software developers

You are a programmer and perhaps by yourself or together with some colleagues want to start a software house. You don't want to start from scratch, and you see CET Designer as a potential foundation for your business. You see an oppurtunity to work with your own clients and even help existing Configura clients and users. Contact us as at info [at] configura [dot] com for more information. Please feel free to present your ideas to us. We would like to hear about your thoughts and plans.


You already have an established organization with selling experience and/or implementation capacity. You are seeking something new and/or you have potential clients in your local network.. You also see potential in working with the existing CET Partner Network. Contact us at info [at] configura [dot] com and tell us more about your company and ideas about a possible collaboration.


You are a manufacturer that makes and sells configurable products, and you have a need for space planning, quoute calculation and visualization tools. While most of Configura's current manufacturing clients have contracted with Configura or our Partners to customize their solutions, some have opted to augment the program with their own internal programmers, who can become part of the Configura CET Partner Program. Contact us at info [at] configura [dot] com for more information or to request of a first meeting.

Educational institutions and students

You are a student that loves programming and wants to try out the CM language. Or, perhaps you as a professor or teacher want to use the CET Developer Platform in your teahing. Please, contact us at info [at] configura [dot] com for more information.

What is the CET Developer Platform?

The CET Developer Platform is a programming environment used to create Extensions for CET Designer with the programming language CM . Using The CET Developer Platform, you can do programming and be a part of CET Development projects. There is a yearly subscription fee for the CET Developer Platform. You do not need to be a Configura Partner to try or use the CET Developer Platform. However, you need to be a Configura Partner to publish your own official Extensions or to receive royalty fee.

How do I become a Configura Partner?