CET Developer Platform

The CET Developer platform is a complete and comprehensive programming environment that can be used to produce CET Configura Extensions. The programming environment is state-of-the-art, with incremental compilation.  
Learn more about our platform in this white paper.
The CET Developer Platform includes:
  • The Configura CM programming language.
  • Advanced, incremental garbage collection (no noticeable pauses).
  • Incremental recompilation of source files without restarting the running application.
  • Built-in debugging and test functionality.
  • Fully accessible compiler runtime information.
  • Possibility to integrate communication with an IDE.
  • Advanced core providing several general connectivity behaviors, stretch functionality, general component manipulation, extendable calculation system.
  • 2D and 3D geometric modeling.
  • A fully featured and extendable user interface toolkit.
  • Abstract component class hierarchies and tailor made manipulators for categories such as office desks, panel systems, kitchen cabinets, shelving systems, etc.
  • Integrated support for FTP, HTTP and e-mail communication.
  • The extension management system for building and deploying extensions.
  • Built in license handling for end users of the build extensions.

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