Configura and Gunlocke launched a new CET Designer Extension

Configura, maker of CET Designer, and Gunlocke released a CET Designer Extension.

Used by thousands of people globally, CET Designer helps manufacturers and their dealers by providing a single software solution for space planning and product ordering. The solution is used in a number of industries that manufacture configurable products; industries include office furniture, kitchen and bath, material handling, industrial machinery and laboratory/healthcare.

CET Designer is Configura's "core" Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC)-based software platform; an Extension is an addition to the program with functionality that incorporates all of the rules, parts and pricing of a given manufacturer's products.

“In today’s fast-paced work environment, end users are expecting more from our dealer partners. We realized a solution that could streamline the visualization and specification process would provide value to our partners,” said Gunlocke Director of Marketing, Amanda Gates. “CET Designer was growing in use and creating a specific Gunlocke Extension was the obvious next step to ensure our dealers had the necessary tools to meet the needs of the end users.”

Configura partnered with Gunlocke in October 2018 to develop the CET Designer Extension.

“Configura’s CET community continues to grow at a great rate. Gunlocke’s Extension compliments the Extensions of parent company HNI and sister companies HON and Allsteel, to provide users with a greater variety of products to design spaces,” said Configura Development Manager Brooke Snow.

The initial CET Designer Extension release will include Gunlocke’s SileaEH, MedleyEH, and TrioEH along with their full seating catalogue. Additional products, features, and functionalities are currently in development.

“By adopting this Extension our dealer partners will be able to design and specify Gunlocke product to create impactful solutions for today’s leading companies,” said Gates. “Our goal is to simplify the sales process and build stronger partnerships with our dealers.”

Gunlocke’s CET Designer Extension is available for download on the Marketplace at http://confi.news/gunlocke-extension

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