Janina Bennett

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Janina Bennett
Empire Office

Janina Bennett moved from Michigan to Manhattan, going to work for Empire Office, which bills itself as the largest office furniture dealership in the United States.

The volume of work that the Steelcase dealer does for clients across the nation is immense; turning projects fast – without sacrificing creativity or accuracy – is expected.

Coming from an AutoCAD environment, CET Designer helped to make Janina’s transition as a designer/specifier much easier. She is already working effectively in the solution, even as a newer user.

“The CET Designer training sessions make me even more fired-up to use the software,” Janina said.

She uses CET Designer to serve the needs of a national banking client.

“We created ‘standards’ in CET Designer for the client, so every time they renovate or open a new office or bank branch and need new furnishings, it’s simply a matter of switching in finishes – wood, glass, metal, fabric, whatever,” she said. “I like that I can make global changes with a click in CET Designer and know the results will be accurate.”

Founded in 1946 by Abraham Gaslow, Empire Office has grown to more than 260 employees, with the founder’s son Larry Gaslow now Empire’s chairman, and Larry’s son Peter Gaslow the president and CEO. With two sites in New York and additional offices in Pennsylvania and Florida, Empire Office provides solutions for office and classroom environments, and a variety of other spaces, for customers along the East Coast and across America.

CET Designer helps “communicate intent” both internally – among designers and salespeople – and externally, to clients.

“CET Designer lets us be more interactive in our work, and our clients love it,” Janina said. “They especially love the renderings – that they can see what they’re getting and that they can actually be part of the design process if they want to be. They get excited when they can see what we can do in CET Designer.”

Janina recently assisted an Empire salesperson on a bid for a Manhattan-based bank, putting together an accurate price quote and a variety of renderings for 50 private offices and 30 workstations, in less than a day using CET Designer.

Janina Bennet's CET Designer rendering

“We easily created a number of typicals to show the client – concepts of various offices and workstations. Realistic touches, like the ability to add panoramic backgrounds of New York City, really impressed them,” Janina said.

Janina finds the software easier to learn and faster to use than CAD-based tools. “As a person coming from a CAD environment, CET Designer has definite advantages – it is so user-friendly, and the results are so realistic,” she said.

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