InstantPlanner 3.6

Here is a listing of the main new features in InstantPlanner 3.6.

If you have any questions, send an e-mail to support [at] instantplanner [dot] com.

Sketch - New Rendering Concept for 3D Images

A new rendering concept has been added to the latest version of InstantPlanner. Sketch allows you to produce 3D images at the conceptual design stage or for stylized presentations. There is a new tab in the Camera Settings dialog named Sketch that offers a range of non-photorealistic rendering styles to give you the power to choose the most appropriate style for your designs.


Cad Files as External References

Version 3.6 handles Cad files as external references. When bringing a Cad file (dwg/dxf format) into InstantPlanner, you can choose to link to the original Cad file, instead of importing it. Having linked to a Cad file, you can then go to the File menu and select External References. In the dialog that opens, the referenced Cad file will be shown together with the options to change, reload and merge the Cad file. Merging the referenced Cad file will be the same as importing it into the program.

Mirror Handling

Now it is possible to mirror line drawing components as well as windows and doors in InstantPlanner.

Two new options have been added under “Drawing Tools” on the program’s “Line Drawing 1” component tab:

1.  “Mirror components”
2.  “Mirror and copy components”

Use the new tools to avoid having to repeat unnecessary steps in the drawing process.

New Line Drawing Icons

New icons have replaced the old ones on the line drawing component tabs. The icons for windows and doors are also new.

Extended Functionality for Entering Values in Imperial

Input boxes on component tabs and in dialog boxes now accept imperial values* with a decimal point as well as fractional numbers.


a.) 4 1/2" can now be typed in 4.5"
b.) 4' 6" can now be typed in 4.5'

*values in feet and inches

Dimensions Follow Components

When moving a component with an attached dimension, the dimension will follow the component. This is an advantage when for example dimensioning elevation views.

Improved Control of Excel Export

Now, only selected columns and fields in the Calculation dialog are exported to Excel.

Ungroup All

If you have used the Group command to create several permanent groups of components in the drawing area, there is now a fast and easy way to ungroup all components in one step. Select all of the groups using the Select Rectangle and then choose Ungroup All from the Arrange menu.

Improved print handling for position components

Do you wish to have more options for printing positions that you have created in a drawing? The Position Settings dialog includes several new settings:

-  A new Line color button enables you to change the color of the line that forms the shape of the position.

-  If you have entered information under Heading Levels, this can be shown on the printout. Simply check the Show position text... box.

-  Checking the box below, Show position text background..., will allow you to print the actual text box.

Improved Print Handling for Level Components

New options have been added for printing levels that you have created in a drawing:

- If you wish to print the text on the text box attached to the Level component, check the box Show level text... in the Level Settings dialog.

- Checking the box Show level text background... will allow you to print the actual text box.


Known Issues

Please find below reported issues that have been fixed in the program:

- Values entered in the Angle step field on the Line Drawing 1 component tab no longer affect the Measuring tool.

- When toggling between Ceiling/Floor in the Camera Settings dialog, the Camera View is now updated straight away.