Release Notes InstantPlanner version 4.0

We are now launching a new version of InstantPlanner, version 4.0. This version includes a new graphics engine that improves the handling of large drawings, a LiveUpdate feature that enables you to easily check for program updates, a new option in the Printouts dialog and more. 

New graphics engine

A new graphics engine that has been incorporated into InstantPlanner makes it easier and faster to work with large drawings. 

In order to take advantage of the new graphics engine, you will need to look over your system requirements. For example, a Nvidia graphics card GeForce 9800 series is required (with 512 MB or more, non shared graphics memory).

>> View the new system requirements

InstantPlanner LiveUpdate 

InstantPlanner LiveUpdate is a functionality that makes it easier to check for updates. This means that you no longer need to install InstantPlanner manually each time a new version is launched. Just click the LiveUpdate button to the right in the toolbar and select which updates you would like to download. 

Include a scale on your printouts

You will now find a new option in the Printouts dialog called Include Ruler. By selecting this option, a scale will be visible on your printouts. This feature will make it easier for the viewer to get the right perspective of how big an object is in reality. 

Pay your license by credit card only

It is no longer possible to pay for InstantPlanner licenses by fax, just by credit card online. Next time you would like to order a license, click the Order licenses option in the Help menu and register your credit card information online.