Configura Classic


Configura 5.8

Here is a listing of the main new features in version 5.8.

If you have any questions, send an e-mail to support [at] configura [dot] com.

New Print Frame Settings

The Print Frame Settings dialog box has a new appearance with several new options.

- Paper: Now you can select the paper size in the Print Frame Settings dialog box. You no longer need to do this setting in the Print Setup dialog box.

- Step: By selecting one of the Step options, you can specify the sensitivity (increment) of the steps when stretching or shrinking a print frame, i.e. how much the scale of the print frame should increase or decrease for each step. The lower the value, the smaller the steps.

More Options for the Auto 3D Feature

The Auto 3D tab in the Control panel includes several new settings:

- You can now choose the orientation of the image that are about to be rendered; landscape or portrait.

- You can also specify the size of the image by selecting one of the options in the Size drop-down menu, or by entering the exact size (in pixels) in the input fields to the right.

- You also have the possibility to change the resolution of the image by selecting one of the options in the Resolution drop down menu. The resolution concerns the quality of the image; the higher the resolution, the better the quality of the rendered image.

New Options When Importing a CAD File

When you import a CAD file you now find three new options in the Cad (dwg/dxf) Import Settings dialog box:

- Explode: Before importing the CAD file, you can choose to explode the CAD layers into smaller entities.

- Purge unused: You can choose to exclude entities that are not used in the CAD file that you import.

- Purge non-visible: You have the possibility to exclude entities that are not visible in the CAD file that you are about to import. 

Change the Distance to the Floor 

Now it is possible to change the distance to the floor of the Package component on the Accessories tab.


Choose Standard Height For Spotlights

As you know, when placing a spotlight in the drawing area you can change the height of the spotlight and the target. In version 5.8 you can set a default height to the spotlight and target.

Go to the Spotlight Settings dialog and use the Spotlight slider and the Target slider to set the desired heights, then select the Set as default setting check box.

Tip, by setting the default height to the standard ceiling height, the spotlight will automatically be placed in the ceiling next time you place it in the drawing area.

Snapping Components to CAD Circles Now Possible

Have you missed the possibility to snap components to imported CAD circles? In version 5.8 it's possible.

Now you can snap Line drawing components to a CAD circle in the same way that you can snap Line Drawing components to other CAD entities.


The Scale of Imported Images is Remembered

When you import an image into the drawing area, you select the scale of the image. In 5.8, your previous choice of scale will be pre-selected next time you import an image (in the Drawing/ Image Import Settings dialog box).

This is an advantage if you often set the same scale to your imported images.

Decide the Drawing Order of Imported CAD Entities

On the Advanced tab in the Imported Cad Drawing Data dialog box, you now find the Draw Order slider.

Drag the slide to determine the order in which the CAD entities should be drawn. By dragging the slider to the maximum level, the CAD entities will end up on top of all other components. By dragging it to the lowest level, they will be shown beneath other components.

Updated System Requirements

We have updated the system requirements for running Configura.

Click here to read the new system requirements.

Information about Windows Vista

For Configura to run properly in Windows Vista, the user is currently required to have administrative rights. We are working on a solution to enable users to run Configura in standard user mode in both Windows XP and Vista. Our goal is to release this by March 2008.

For more detailed information, please contact your Configura supplier.