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Use our Material Pack for an Extended Material Collection
Last modified: Jun 04, 2015

On our Marketplace, we have added a catalogue with loads and loads of materials for you to use.  Simply download it and all the materials (currently around 600) will turn up in the Material Explorer. Since the Material Pack is a catalogue, it will automatically download new materials as soon as we relase them. Related ...

About the Material Explorer
Last modified: Jun 04, 2015

The Material Explorer is a built-in tool for browsing and viewing materials in CET Designer. Here you can Search for, choose desired view to display your materials, add folders with your own created materials as a complement to the predefined folders, and much more! Note: the Material Explorer is only available with the advanced graphics ...

Areas in Material Explorer
Last modified: Jun 04, 2015

View bar On the View Bar there are a Search field from which you can search for different materials. This will help you find your desired material from the Viewing area. Just type a part of the name, or the full name of a material and it will appear in the Viewing area. You can ...