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Exporting a drawing
Last modified: Sep 13, 2018

Exporting to .dwg or .dxf You can export CET Designer drawings to the CAD file formats .dwg and .dxf. The option Export Drawing in the File menu will bring up a Save as dialog where you can enter a file name and pick .dwg or .dxf as file type. Clicking Save will then direct you to the Export ...

Working with Imported CAD Files
Last modified: Sep 13, 2018

        After you have imported a Cad file you can select the drawing in the 2D view and get the following options: Lock Position: You can’t move the drawing in the drawing area. Note, you can still move components that you have placed on the drawing area. Activate 2D: By deactivating the 2D you ...

Importing dwg/dxf Files
Last modified: Nov 20, 2017

CET Designer allows you to import CAD-files with the file formats dwg or dxf. The CAD (dwg/dxf) dialog icon on the Tools component tab.   Import a drawing Follow the steps below to import a dwg/dxf drawing: Select Import CAD (dwg/dxf) drawing from the File menu, alternatively click the CAD (dwg/dxf) dialog icon on the Tools component tab. Click the Import new button. An Open dialog appears. ...