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Searching or Browsing for a Favorite
Last modified: Jun 04, 2015

Searching for a favorite There are several options how to search for a favorite. The following options are available: Search in: Use the drop down menu to locate the favorite. Search for: Enter one or several keywords in the Search for input field and click the Search button. You can define the search by check or uncheck the check boxes: – Description: Matches ...

Inserting a Favorite
Last modified: Jun 04, 2015

If you have saved a favorite and would like to insert it in the drawing area, follow these steps: Right-click anywhere in the drawing area. In the popup menu that appears, click Insert Favorite. The Insert Favorite dialog box opens: (see Image 1). Locate your favorite by searching (see Image 1) or by browsing (see Image 2). You toggle between the two alternative views ...

Saving a Favorite
Last modified: Jun 04, 2015

With the feature Save as Favorite you can, for example, save common component combinations that you want to use multiple times. This could even be a drawing that you use as a template. Just select your saved favorites and place them in the drawing area. Follow these steps below to save a component as a favorite: Select ...