Articles for the ‘Utilities’ Category

Miscellaneous Files
Last modified: Aug 19, 2019

Define the Miscellaneous Directory in Projects card that contains the miscellaneous files you wish to be included in your project file. Check to include miscellaneous file(s) through the UI in the Utilities card and upload the files normally. The miscellaneous file name and its path will be saved into the project file as Anonymous Type. Related ...

Automatically Assign Resources
Last modified: May 20, 2019

This section is used to attempt to match resources to elements in the project. When attempting to match resources to products, filenames will be compared to the product code. When attempting to match resources to materials, filenames will be compared against the material code. To find preview images that match products, press the Match Preview Images to Products button. ...

Model Previews
Last modified: May 20, 2019

The Model Previews section is used to generate preview images for products in the current project. Previews may be generated for single products or for all products at once. The Save To field specifies where the resulting preview images will be placed. By default, this will be the same as the Previews Directory specified in the Resource Directories section of ...