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Products Spreadsheet
Last modified: Aug 19, 2019

This spreadsheet is used in the editing of products. Note that additional product editing functionality is provided by the Geometry tab. General information on working with spreadsheets can be found in the Spreadsheets section, and information on products may be found on the Products page. The following sections describe columns available to the spreadsheet. Filter Right click on ...

Products Toolbox
Last modified: Jul 13, 2018

This area contains several miscellaneous features for working with the Products spreadsheet. The top portion of the toolbox is a find and replace tool for the Products spreadsheet, and works as described in the Find \ Replace section. The Visible Columns drop down menu provides a list of available columns for the spreadsheet. A checkmark indicates that the ...

Edit Product in the Catalogue Creator
Last modified: Jul 17, 2018

This is where you manage the catalogue’s product collection by creating, removing and editing the products within a catalogue. This is also where you specify the base price of the product. Cells can be copied between products. If a whole row is selected and copied, the product, including all its data, will be copied.   ...