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Catalogue Creator Control Panel – Cascade
Last modified: Jan 10, 2019

The Cascade setting determines the updating behavior in the Catalogue Creator.   If you have the following being referenced in Catalogue Creator, you can decide whether to update the following when the code is changed by enabling/disabling the Cascade Changes options. The cascade options are all checked by default. If you uncheck the option, the referenced ...

Catalogue Creator Control Panel – Miscellaneous
Last modified: Jan 10, 2019

The Miscellaneous tab controls the AutoSave backup frequency, always copy imported resource files, XML namespace prefix and showing public (legacy) tab. Automatically Backup Projects Automatically Backup Projects option allows Catalogue Creator to automatically backs up all loaded project file in the Catalogue Creator provided it has been saved the first time.  The Minutes Between Backups determines ...

Catalogue Creator Control Panel – Preferences
Last modified: Feb 25, 2019

  User will be able to save the following setting for each project by enabling the Save/Load Preferences option and saving the project file.  The preference file (.cmpref) will be saved along with the project with the same file name. Consider saving the .cmpref file in the same location by setting the same path in the Preferences Directory. ...