The Views Tab

Last modified: Nov 14, 2018

On the Views tab, you can make settings for both the 2D view and the 3D view:

3D views

  • Selection style in 3D views: By default, selected components in the 3D view will have an outline selection style, but you can also choose a stripe outline or box, or to have no selection style at all.
  • Use view focus point: by deselecting this option CET Designer switches to pointer-based navigation. This means that any zooming in or out is centered on the position of the mouse pointer on your screen. The same goes for rotating your view. CET Designer will rotate the view around the object currently located underneath the pointer. This option is disabled by default.
  • Show navigation bar in 3D view: shows or hides the 3D view navigation bar. This checkbox is selected by default.
  • Camera step angle: when rotating the camera around the 3D view, CET Designer snaps to different angle steps. Note that rotating the camera quickly will stop CET Designer from snapping the 3D view into position.

2D views

  • Display a frame around the selection in the 2D view: A colored frame will be displayed around selected components in the 2D view. This checkbox is selected by default.


  • Show component preview below toolbox: previews a selected component below the toolbox. This checkbox is selected by default.
  • Keep dialogs on the same screen: Opens all new dialogs on the same screen.
  • Enable movement aid: Lets you enable/disable the movement aid (pink/gray dashed line in 2D and 3D). This is on by default.

2D view background / 3D view background

  • Select¬†background color¬†for your views. Click the button for the view you wish to change and select background color. Clicking the red X resets the background color to default (=white)

CET Designer does not automatically change the color of placed objects to ensure their visibility for custom background colors. For example, a pure black background choice will result in black lines and objects not being visible.


The Views tab in the Control Panel

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