The Security Tab

Last modified: Nov 08, 2018

On the Security tab, you can make the following settings:

Auto backup

  • Use auto backup: Select this checkbox if you want CET Designer to save auto-backup files of your drawings (5 is default). Read more >>


  • Use auto-save: Select this checkbox if you wish CET Designer to save your work periodically while in process. Read more >>
    – Number of auto-save files per drawing: Set how many auto saved drawings CET Designer should save per drawing (5 drawings are default).
    – Minutes between auto save: Decide how often your drawing should be auto saved during your work process. Choose a time interval between 5 – 90 minutes (9 minutes are default).

File mirroring

  • Use file mirroring: Select this checkbox if you want CET Designer to create copies of all your drawings and backups to the location of your choice, which could be local or a network drive. Note: You will want to keep the file mirroring folder path as short as possible, to avoid reaching character limits on some file systems.

The Security tab in the Control Panel


Some users have experienced moments when CET Designer has seemed like frozen while auto saving in the background; this will not happen anymore. When an auto save is about to be done, CET Designer will try not to interrupt your work. If this is not possible you will receive a message telling you that CET Designer is in the process of auto saving your work and that this may take a moment.

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